View Full Version : Anyone know a good forum for bipolar only, specifically a partner/spouse forrum

grandma lise
05-17-11, 10:32 PM
I got a call today from a woman who's married to a man with bipolar disorder only. He doesn't have AD/HD.

She's looking for an online dicussion forum that is specifically for partners/spouses of bipolar adults. I did some searching today, but most of the forums I visited weren't very active. Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.



05-18-11, 08:18 AM
If I can find the one I used to be on I will pm you.

Per guidelines, links to other forums aren't allowed on our open forum.

You're a good friend to ask.

grandma lise
05-18-11, 11:05 AM
Thanks Eyeforgot. Any referrals, via private email, will be most appreciated!