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05-22-03, 05:06 PM
Women with ADD Conference

Sari Solden will present at a conference and workshop in England on "Woman with ADD" in Windsor, England on June 21, 2003. The conference will be held at Ye Harte & Garter Hotel (opposite Windsor Castle). For more details visit the website, email or or phone 01 727 759311.

07-24-09, 11:12 PM
I am ADHD and dyslexic. I am moving to scotland on the 28th of this month..
I am concerned I may have a hard time finding a doctor who can prescribe my medication. Amphetamine the generic for adderall. .

I will have less than a 30 days supply when I arrive next Tuesday,I hope I can connect with a doctor before my prescription runs out. I will be living in the Highlands in Tain
The closest biger city I believe Invergorden. Are their any Doctor that treat adults with ADHD in the area?

08-11-09, 09:40 AM
Sorry, I've only just seen this post. Have you got anywhere with finding a doctor? You don't say where you've moved to Scotland from, but you mention Adderall so I'm going to presume the US? Unfortunately Adderall is not available in the UK on prescription, only privately (buying it privately costs a fortune, and I've only heard of a few pharmacists in London that stock it). The alternative is Dexedrine, which I take.

This has been my experience and hopefully it will be of some help. ADHD has only been recognized as an adult condition here since last autumn so as a result there are very few doctors that understand, or can diagnose, the condition. Waiting for a NHS diagnosis can be a long, drawn out process, so many of us have to go to a private specialist. My specialist sends notes from our appointments to my GP (it does help that my doctor is very helpful and understanding), this way my GP has clear details about my meds and any change to them - I'm dyslexic too, and my memory is abysmal, so this takes the pressure off me.

Have you got anything from your old doctor about your meds, medical records, perhaps? If you haven't got a GP it might be worth asking round to see who might be the most sympathetic to things like ADHD and dyslexia. Although, as I know myself, if you have moved to a small town then the choice of GP will be slightly limited!

This is a bit garbled, sorry. But I hope everything works out for you, and welcome to the UK!