View Full Version : Brainstorming/organizing thoughts - ideas?

05-18-11, 09:08 PM
I'm hoping you may all have some creative ideas to help me. I live by lists and to-dos....just in different method, ie. a master list in my nb, reminders in outlook, reminders on my phone, post-its on my desk, really important I write on my hand, sending email to myself, I could go on. My problem is that unless it is in front of my face, I don't see or remember it. I also need to write it do to remember things.

I am seeking alternative 'to do' list methods. Perhaps a visual brainstorming bubble-like - this is my recent though. I cannot visualize it but I need something I can see and picture, that is colorful, that stands out to me.

I often repeat documenting my to-do's and by doing so, I waste sooo much time!!

Any help or examples or links would be much appreciated! :)

02-23-12, 01:26 AM
check out FREEMIND mindmapping program.. remember in grade school how we used to write down a topic, circle it, and then draw lines out from it (like a spider) and write subtopics on those..repeat on and on.. yeah, it's that. works WONDERS for the ADD mind. you can expand topics when you need to, shrink them down when you don't. prioritize. group things together. pretty awesome. check out the youtube tutorials on it too (that's how i learned the fastest). hubby found it on StumbleUpon and knew it was PERFECT for me..