View Full Version : Switching from Adderall to Focalin for the First Time Today!

05-19-11, 06:23 PM
I was started on Adderall 10 mg, 2X day three weeks ago after I was professionally diagnosed with adult ADHD (I'm a 29 yo male). Adderall made me incredibly calm, normal, and focused, but my one side-effect was decreased cognitive function (processing/critical thinking was hard) as well as the inability to multitask. I saw my psychiatrist today for the first time today since three weeks ago and he said the 25% of Adderall which is L-amphetamine produces the focus effect and the other 75% of Adderall is D-amphetamine, which makes you alert. He switched me to Focalin (which is like Ritalin), and Focalin has 100% D-methylphenidate, which is comparable to the 100% D-amphetamine part of Adderall (which also is available, but is marketed as Dexedrine). We seemed pleased with Adderall sans the one big side-effect of mental slugishness. He prescribed me Focalin instead of Dexedrine anyway.

I just tried Focalin about an hour and a half ago. It has kicked in. I feel normal, remarkably calm, and great just as I was on Adderall, but NOW I CAN THINK 100%%%%!!!!!

I don't feel like I'm stuck in the "zoomed-in"/tunnel-vision effect Adderall gave me where I wasn't able to write emails/text fast. I used to just stare and be fixated on something forever and do it slower. Now I am fixated but can think broadly and not feel cornered-in. I feel a lot less impulsive than my normal self right now, so maybe I can re-gain my day-to-day focus based on that alone instead of the 25% L-amphetamine component of a stimulant. Excited! Experiment in progress!

12-21-11, 12:48 AM
I see that you are a med student, possibly? I am a premed student taking my mcat soon. I just recently found this forum and was started on adderall a while ago but also feel the sluggishness in cognitive thought process which has made me decide to completely discontinue adderall. I would like to hear an update on how you are doing on Focalin!

12-21-11, 10:57 AM
adderall works alot longer in duration, it also really makes me feel like a slug mentally as mentioned. My brain just always felt like it was stuck in wouldn't shift into the next gear. Focalin really helps this and my brain works like normal. Although I am taking wellbutrin along with my focalin which I feel kind of gives me the adderall slowing effect which sucks. I find focalin superior to adderall and every other adhd medicaiton. The only negative drawback is that is doesn't work all day , but hey what does? The only solution to that is an easy one, boost later with ir focalin. Anyways , concerta and regular ritalin feel like garbage after a month or two of taking focalin. It's really a hidden gem in adhd medication treatment. In college my dr. tried me on it and I kept thinking why doesnt it work , well it does just without the body load that regular ritalin or concerta has , so it's all the positive attributes of the D-isomer .