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05-23-11, 01:38 PM
does any of use feel that u hate school more than a normal teenager, is this possible in adhd please explain

05-23-11, 08:39 PM
I have been kicked out of 3 schools, so yes. Every class moved way too slow yet I wasn't given the ability to move at my own pace.
I failed at school, this was before I found out what ADHD was. I wasn't able to help myself nor did I know how or what help to ask for. I daydreamed myself through one place so got kicked out by the end of my first year there. I got kicked out of another school for fighting everyone who bullied me. No bullies got kicked out, just me, cuz I was the consistent factor. (Not nice being a foreigner with a funny accent makes life a bit hard at school) This other place I got kicked out of bcuz I eventually refused to go to class, I couldn't learn their way but they refused to make any exceptions. It was really obscure fill-in-the-blank workbooks and the answers had to come from really slow teachers. I hate to say it but my fellow class mates were quite slow as well and I just couldn't concentrate at their pace. Now give me a book with the information I'll read it and be able to repeat everything I've read. But I wasn't allowed to so I was forced to sit in class trying desperately to concentrate on the drone of the teacher and somehow pick the info I needed out of all the babble and then fill in a book with it. Come on! I have inattentive ADHD this was impossible!