View Full Version : Hesitant to start Intuniv w/Vyvance for 12 yr old

05-23-11, 08:54 PM
Dr wants to add the Intuniv to 30mg of Vyvance and once school ends just keep him on the Intuniv thru the summer. I am hesitant because the more I read about overheating/fainting the more nervous I get. He appetite is already almost non-exsistant due to the Vyvance and he is very active in the summertime. I am worried about the BP drop with the Intuniv.
Anyone have any experiences with Intuniv over the summer???
We were also debating sending him away for a week to sleepover camp..that would make me really nervous should he get overheated which is bound to happen there.

07-08-11, 06:00 PM
my 12 yo son takes this combo. been taking it for 18 months. Did you do it?