View Full Version : Noname's Bad Poetry

05-23-11, 09:50 PM
I wrote this for myself like a year ago and haven't shown it to a soul till now, I hope you enjoy and maybe even relate. Here goes-

I have lived 1000 years in my mind.
The place big enough to hold me.
Too big for you, too large for life.
But sanctuary wasn't hidden, a myth to appease.
I tried for 1000 years to find silence but to no avail.
Wake and bake to knock out the globe,
to shut down the borders and blunt the probe.
Pictures on the reel moving to fast to catch.
Lost in the infinite, found in time,
lost to time but I am still fine.
This is me, I am this.
Accept what you have.
Reverie and be glad.

Thanks for reading, Noname.