View Full Version : ADHD and DESR anyone?

05-24-11, 11:42 PM
I have been reading a bunch of articles online that have popped up recently about ADHD and DESR(Deficient Emotion Self-Regulation). I have had these outbursts my entire life. LOTS of people in my family exibit the same behaviors I have seen described in these articles. When I say LOTS I mean people in 5 generations. My 2nd and 3rd cousins that were NOT raised with me act in the same way. My question is for you is who out there is dealing with this and are you being medicated for the DESR and ADHD? If so then I am curious what meds you have been prescribed? Are any counseling or behavioral therapies available specifically for this type of ADHD? Really would like some feed back from anyone with experience with this.