View Full Version : Cute chipmunk

05-25-11, 02:47 PM
I saw this little guy out the window today and had to get my camera. :p

Oh noes! I've been spotted!!!

05-25-11, 03:33 PM
Nice shots, especially of a guy that little. :)

05-26-11, 03:23 AM
I had kinda the same experience once on holiday, when I woke up in my tent.

There was this guy (he's english, I don't know if we should hold that against him but, ... )

I didn't know, at that time, he already ate half of my box of hagelslag!
(chocolate sprinkles)

06-01-11, 09:03 PM
aww, how cute!

06-01-11, 09:19 PM
Animals arent dumb they know what the good stuff is,hides the pfeffernesin just in case.LOL:) shoould I eat the grass blade or not oh gee decisions decisions,this could be a set up?:D

06-09-11, 09:30 PM
Nice shots, so are you into photography? I really like the first shot, Just keep on practicing. Post more!