View Full Version : Crowds and Noise...Anyone else?

05-26-11, 11:57 AM
Several years ago, I was at a football game with my wife and son. I hate crowds...hate em! The mall, public events, whatever.

At the time, I was being treated for depression, without much success (turns out adderall is a GODSEND...ADD after all these years). I tried to explain to her that I was trying to listen to, interpret and comprehend every conversation around me. I simply could not filter it out. The stimulus was overwhelming. We left early.

That was one of hundreds of examples of times where I could not stand being in a crowd. Its not social anxiety, per se, just a total overload of stimulus that fried my brain.

Can anyone here relate to this?

05-26-11, 12:00 PM
definitely, cant stand being around lots of people, all the different conversations happening at once, gives me a headache

05-26-11, 11:26 PM
I can definitely relate! I have a hypersensitivity disorder along with ADHD. All my senses are hightened. Too much stimulation makes me feel like I'm going to go nuts.

09-30-11, 04:19 AM
Definitely. I feel like I'm going to scream after about an hour or two. Too much noise, too much light, too much everything. I always carry my iPod and my headphones and just tune out when I reach the "crazy point." Also, even with the headphones in, I have to crank the volume because even though I can hear I can't process the music so I turn it up louder and louder because otherwise I *can't* hear it.

Really hard to explain that to people who keep wondering why I play the TV so *******' loud during Thanksgiving when it's RIGHT THERE and there's only ten of us in the room. :/