View Full Version : ADD / ADHD Awareness Week 2011

05-27-11, 12:11 PM
FYI - ADHD Awareness Week is October 16 October 22, 2011. Mark your calendars and be on the look out for ADD / ADHD events in October.

05-27-11, 12:15 PM
Thanks Tara

07-14-11, 10:32 AM
Maybe we could get a sticky thread about this in October? Thanks for the heads-up. :)

07-14-11, 11:14 AM
Thanks :D

09-28-11, 01:39 AM
AWESOME!!!! How coincidental that I will be giving an oral report on the under-diagnosis of ADHD on the 11th of October!

10-15-11, 11:59 AM
I've contacted several libraries asking them to put displays up with books on the subject.

It would be great if people contacted their local libraries about having a display featuring ADD books like Driven to Distraction. the only way we will get people to understand us is to show them it is real. I think people need to see that it's real.

10-17-11, 09:48 AM
I got in touch with my local library this morning. I'm hoping they will put a display up.

10-17-11, 12:10 PM
I got one library to have a display up!:D