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05-28-11, 01:31 PM
For those that work out how does it effect your energy level being ADD and all? I'm planning on starting a beachbody program next week because I am over being heavy and overweight and I want to have more energy during the day.

05-28-11, 05:53 PM
ADD doesn't effect my energy level so much as it effects my willingness to do a repetitive, somewhat boring task over and over again. I had better sustained results when I mixed up my exercise. Sometimes I would go riding, sometimes I would hit the gym, sometimes I would go swimming and other times I would go hiking in the mountains.

05-28-11, 07:40 PM
ADD doesn't effect my energy level so much as it effects my willingness to do a repetitive, somewhat boring task over and over again

This. I always have to have music with me on workouts otherwise I get bored way too fast. Also, change stuff up every day.

The longer you stick with exercise, the more energy you will have for it.

05-28-11, 07:47 PM
Music is a must for me too, as well as not making it too repetitive. I could jump on a trampoline for hours a day but lifting weights is a whole other deal.

05-28-11, 07:52 PM
Energy level -- working out is great for more energy overall, but it takes a while to notice the extra energy. Most people - me included - do sleep better when fit, and sleeping is always a challenge.

Keeping my interest -- well, I run on a treadmill. For a while music was enough, but not anymore. Now that I have my own treadmill I watch tv. With the remote so I can jump around with the channels if I have to.

Another, particular challenge for me is working around my Adderall. I don't notice any amp affects at all, until I work out, then my heart rate goes up too fast and I sweat a lot more than normal. To me that means I'm not getting enough of a workout and the meds are doing a lot of the work. So I try to work out in the morning before I take it, or at night after it's worn off.

But yeah -- it takes a lot to keep my interest. Not even a Wii workout game did it. :rolleyes:

05-28-11, 08:04 PM
Exercise has always been one of the best treatments for my ADHD.

05-28-11, 11:59 PM
LOVE working out... lift weights every other day and do at least an out of cardio a day. Never gets boring to me, I think it's fun and challenging :D

05-29-11, 01:01 AM
I cannot stick to an exercise program. If it doesn't hold my interest, forget it. I find that it's best to find things that provide you with exercize, without being exercize. The thing that worked the best for me was video games. Dance dance revolution in particular. You can put in your height, weight, and it will calculate your calories burned as you play the game. It's fun, and you don't feel like you are exercising at all. I find that I am more focused on bettering my score than burning calories, and before you know have played for an hour and have burned almost 500 calories. Multiply that by 7 days a week and you are burning a pound a week (plus the cals you burn doing other things) This is how I dropped my baby weight. Mind you, I am NOT athletic, I do not enjoy exercising at all but I stuck with it because it was a game, not some monotonous, tedious task. Video games may not be your thing, but the idea is to find something that gives you exercise without being "exercise". If exercise happens to be a by-product of something you already enjoy, you are far more likely to stick with it.

05-30-11, 03:28 PM
I believe that my ADHD makes my workouts more intense.

My training partners have commented on how intensely I train, and I suspect that is because I am either totally engaged and focused, or I'm not there. Biking up a good hill I will fall over if I'm not focused, so I power up it. When lifting weights, you focus or it's CRASH, so I hyperfocus and push big weights to failure. I think you can use ADHD to your advantage here with our typical hyperfocus abilities.


Tricky Chicken
06-02-11, 02:13 PM
I have no problem with lifting weights (the process, not the mass), but for cardio, I have to have some form of visual distraction. Music won't suffice. The machines where I work out have monitors mounted on them, so that works. I mute the news and read the captions. I also listen to up-beat music to naturally pace myself.

I have only been seriously working out for a short while now. I was told it helps with the ADD sypmtoms. I haven't noticed any changes myself.

Good luck!