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05-28-11, 10:56 PM
I write to clear my head, always have and is how I cope. It's often sporadic with things making little or no sense but things that I have experienced and writing, so I'm told, is a "gift" that I have and need not allow it to go to waste. This isn't so much a journal because the way I write leans more to the creative writing aspect of story telling which is why I thought it appropriate to put in this forum.

I've lived a life filled with so much...distress I suppose is a good description that I am working on writing this book, this memoir if you will, about my life and maybe it just might help others like me and a lot of on here.

I value all forms of honesty about the writing style, whether it evokes emotion, paints a picture, allows you to feel simply with words and that it flows and that it is "easy" to follow.

I don't share it with a lot of people, family in particular, but I love to share it with people who've been in those places that I have. Makes you feel less alone in the world or so stuck in your head that you can't get out.

Oh and quick FYI, I'm not trying to promote anything I just want to share my experience with everyone here, if that's okay with everyone.

The blog posts the most recent entries first and if you start there I can guarantee you that it will make absolutely no sense at all so start from the bottom and read as much as your attention span can handle :p

And please feel free to post your thoughts on this thread or if you're uncomfortable send me a private message.

Other than the literacy and writing style critiques and opinions, hearing stories from others who've lived a similar life helps me heal that much faster just knowing I'm not alone.

So there you go...

05-31-11, 12:19 PM
Just wondering, I know this has gotten a few views and blogspot shows traffic from this link, has anyone read any of it and if so what do you think so far?