View Full Version : Diagnosing ASD in adults?

05-30-11, 09:58 AM
The criteria I have seen (Asperger) seems to be written for children, and are not relevant for adults.

How is it diagnosed in adults/teenagers?

Is NVLD/IQ profile often used instead?

How where you diagnosed?

Is it a question of having Autistic traits to the extent that it is impairing?

What if the impairment is more emotional or ADHD?

05-30-11, 12:00 PM
I was diagnosed with pddnos after completing a questionaire and undergoing extensive neuropsych testing at a clinic that specializes in adhd and asd. I think they're still going over stuff with a fine tooth comb and probing me some more to see if I don't better fit a diagnosis of Asperger's, but I definitely have adhd.

I got the impression that they weren't looking just specifically for any impairment in terms of the asd features, but also for subtle indicators that are left over from covering it up having developed coping mechanisms.