View Full Version : Anyone Else on Family Holiday Visits?:eek:

05-31-11, 02:30 AM
Just want to vent a little. It's always been exhausting to spend time with my parents and two siblings, all together.

I've always felt guilty for thinking that--I value time with them but I never feel as connected to them during the visit, in person, as I imagine when I am away from them.

Now that I know more about ADHD and have my own symptoms somewhat under control, I kind of understand what's going on (there's a lot of it undiagnosed in my family, aside from one sibling).

I thought that would help me be more patient and compassionate, but it just is too frustrating. It doesn't feel like anyone is truly present, it's just constant non-sequiturs and misunderstandings.

To boot, we play a lot of board games that involve numbers and I mess up a LOT. I feel mocked by the math-minded relatives when I mess up simple adding of scores (I have dysgraphia, which they don't know and would probably make fun or that as well.) I try to shake it off but it's just not that fun after so many times.

Anyone else have trouble spending time with loved ones who are exasperating?

05-31-11, 10:42 AM
I am the only person in my family that is openly diagnosed and willing to talk about my particular "flavor of crazy" but I know that there is some other stuff going on. However, the rest of the family are of the mind that they are perfectly normal and refuse to even entertain that there may be more than just me that has some "issues" in the group. I have always been the "black sheep" while the alcoholics and other issues go undiscussed.

It does get frustrating but I just either have to ignore it, or get drunk like them and then everyone has fun. ;-)