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06-04-11, 02:54 PM
I'm 23 and I suffer from social anxiety, depression, and just recently found out add. I was feeling a little down today but after reading some of your personal stories and experiences, I quickly felt better and they really inspired me. It feels good to know that I'm not alone. I used to write poetry a while ago but just sort of stopped lol. I was feeling a little I guess "creative" so decided to vent by writing a poem/confession about my life bc I feel it's important to share your stuggles with others bc like you all have shown me, it can truly help and inspire :)

I know have so much potential but I hardly ever apply myself
I never ask for it when at times I really I needs help.
I know there's no such thing as perfect but that never seems to stop me from trying to achieve it
I know what I am capable of so If I fail, I am my worst critic.
I drink when I shouldn't to keep up this strong, confident facade
When really I just want to show and be accepted for who I truly am on the inside.
I hate it when I'm judged or misunderstood without a doubt
but I know and accept that it's bc of the all the lies that I put out.
I'm very familiar with the feeling of being disliked and everything being misconstrued
Even though my actions, words and intentions are sincere and never meant to be rude.
I know more than anyone of my own imperfections
and I struggle everyday to hide them to avoid hurt and rejection
I'm not good with love because of all the hard lessons I had to learn.
I tend to sometimes give way too much of myself and receive nothing in return
I know I have so much to offer but no one truly knows
I'm so afraid of being hurt that the doors of my heart remain closed.
I carry the pain of others on top of her own
I'm often surrounded by many but I still feel alone.
I know and understand all to well that life isn't fair.
I don't believe in throwing pity parties, sometimes I just want someone to be there.
I didn't understand how I could be adored by many but not feel loved.
I never thought I was worth anything even though I was told so much
I absolutely, sincerely love all of my family and friends
But it doesn't always show BC of the world of isolation and avoidance I live in
I don't thinks it OK to stay closed up in my room
When the world is at my feet and life ends way too soon
I now realize that no ones happiness is more important than my own
I know that I have weak moments but through them I am made strong.
I have my faith and it always comes to my rescue
Bringing me out of the my self-destruction, doubt, negativity and abuse.
I didn't ask for this hectic life or these daily struggle I go through
But it was given to me so I will continue to just be strong and do what I have to do.
I know that I'm smart and talented if no one else knows
I will manage to hold my head high even when I'm going through lows
I now accept me as I am, flaws and all
This is who I am and I love me even if you don't.

Plz leave feedback ;)

06-05-11, 07:17 AM

You asked for feedback. I can relate to everything you wrote here, and I'm sure others can too. You are not alone. You are a valued member of this human race. And that alone is a struggle for most of us.

Stay strong and stay above the battles. :)

06-10-11, 10:49 PM
Thank you so much :)

06-11-11, 07:10 AM
I look forward to reading more about your Personal Bill Of Rights.

I created one too and find it very helpful when Iím at a low point. :)