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06-07-11, 09:11 PM
thinks that benzos, depressants, and relaxers do not work for anxiety? I have been prescribed these over the years with no luck to curb strong anxiety. The only thing that has worked has been an opiate based tab. A half a vicodin or similar works far superior to any valium, xanax, ativan, or any stupid tranquilizer. Tried Cannibas once and it amplified any anxiety I had. The worst experience ever! Are there any studies out there that support opiate based medication for anxiety? It is hard to have any doctor I have talked to to even consider it. I ran into one retired Doctor that believed in it but he was an out of the box kind of guy. I am not addicted to any meds now or in the past. I strictly take what the doctor prescribes. I currently take adderall. But this isnt the cause of my anxiety. My anxiety was actually worse before I was diagnosed with adhd. Anybody out there feel the same way I do about opiate based medication for anxiety? Any good perspectives?

06-25-11, 11:35 PM
On one hand, opiates have been used for anxiety for centuries. On the other, they're also extremely addictive, even when used with good intentions. It can sneak up on you. Once addicted, they can be extremely hard to quit, and lose their benefits quickly. Be very careful with this route.

What kind of anxiety do you have? Social? Phobias? Panic attacks? Job-related? Free-floating? Can any of the causes be fixed?

06-26-11, 12:09 AM
I do - or rather, I did. My anxiety has decreased sharply since my DX, and starting Adderall. But before that, I would occasionally misuse my Percocet - I had a prescription, and I would keep some back for later, when I wasn't in pain.

When I didn't have a 'script, I'd go without. But I hit a downward spiral last year, and the anxiety, ADHD, and depression overrode me. I was using them to self-medicate pretty heavily for awhile. I was getting them from a friend of mine. I was taking...oh, probably 4 or 5 750mgs a day, at least.

I'm lucky I never developed an addiction, and luckier still that I have a psych that I could discuss this freely with. Since I started seeing her, and treating the ADHD, I haven't felt the slightest inclination to take them.

06-26-11, 12:12 AM
Opiates do have positive results in terms of anxiety, at least in my experience. But they're not really designed for long-term use, aside from scenarios of terminal illness/chronic pain. Opiates, moreso than benzos, seem to give rise to a more intense rebound anxiety effect when stopped (again, just my own experience). And taking opiates on a regular basis diminishes the effectiveness of the mood-altering properties, so it wouldn't really be an ideal long-term situation anyway.

Louder Than Love
07-08-11, 02:42 AM
You bring up a good point.
they do alleviate anxiety symptoms, bring about....... apathy rather. but, sometimes apathy can be a very warm blanket.

in the long run, you'd just be setting yourself up for a terrible addiction though.

07-09-11, 02:05 AM
Let me defer this question to the demon forever inside of me... <O:p</O:p

Yes.. I think it’s a great idea... I feel same way about opiate based medication for anxiety.<O:p</O:p
And I have no anxiety issues.<O:p</O:p

Back to me....Opiates can never be a long term solution... You will just create a monster, with an appetite that ultimately can't be satisfied anymore, and that’s just the beginning of the problems.<O:p</O:p

If you’re lucky, you find recovery and begin your climb out of a very deep hole.<O:p</O:p

I'm not saying no here... I'm saying you can't... the price is way too high.<O:p</O:p