View Full Version : High bottom

06-10-11, 09:53 AM
dear suvi,

life is too monotonous,
nothing is awesome.
no surprises, no discontinuities, no calamities, no spontaneous laughs,
no nothing.
i stepped out of the 4 by 6 by 3.5 room, left it half open,
walked bare footed to the hill,
climbed up while it rained,
opened the huge umbrella i borrowed,
let it get off with the wind.
swirling and spinning it flew away to some random depths,
i took my pencil and ate it with salt,
i jumped down the roof,
i raped a battery, laughed at the journals,
danced with bamboos in the shade of electric pole,
the cell phone's light amused the bored fishes in the lake,
burned the thesis, mine and of two other's i stole.
the ants were sad to hear about what my past has done to me,
but i was faking it,
i took a cab to the airport and came back in the same,
the stupid driver needed money, i screamed and ran away.
watched a horror movie to find the darkness behind me to be very erotic.
invited a beggar for a lunch and beat him with my camera at the wash room
and walked nude over the rainbow.
........phew, its again monotonous with all the randomness,
whats more depressing?