View Full Version : Diagnosed with Personality Disorder

06-11-11, 09:51 AM
Well what can I say I went through a rough patch, I lost the plot. Ended up on a psychiatric ward for 4weeks and came out with a diagnosis personality disorder. Started some new tablets for a mood disorder and basically feel really low in fact very low. Just an update :-/ xxx

06-11-11, 03:50 PM

Nice to have you back. :)

Want to share how that went and how you feel now.

Who knows, I might have some words of wisdom handy. :D

06-11-11, 03:53 PM
Hey we can feel low together!

Welcome back and know that you're always welcome here.

06-14-11, 01:36 PM
Thankyou for the nice welcome back, well today I spoke to my mental health social worker and I have Emotionally Unstable (Borderline) Personality Disorder. Hummmmm!!! Great another one for the list if I carry on I'm going to have a disorder for every letter of the alphabet lol ;-) xx

06-15-11, 02:41 AM
Join the club. :grouphug: