View Full Version : New school for son with a 504 plan option

06-14-11, 03:32 AM
Well I havent posted in awhile. My son is at a private highschool right now and doing fairly well. He is on meds but is not scoring really high grades but passing. He has made some friends but I think that the school is really expensive and I probably need to be saving some money for him for when he graduates. In the district we live in now there is an excellent highschool that can probably give him a 504 plan. Not sure if this is a good reason to transfer? The school is much larger and has many more things to offer. The student body is very big at the new school 2000 compared to 500. Not sure what to do????????

Trooper Keith
06-14-11, 10:20 AM
Have you asked your son?

06-22-11, 03:04 AM
Yes I have asked him and honestly he really does not understand the reasons some of them financial because the school he is currently in is very expensive. The one in our neighborhood now is free and has many more options plus better teachers etc.... He does have friends at the old school but I think he really needs these things the larger school can offer.

I guess I am just out here trying to talk to other people with similar problems to mine. It is very hard to speak to my friends and family because they dont understand, and I dont want them treating him differently. I sure I will be posting with more questions and looking for support. I am really feeling positive about the change it has been going ok so far.