View Full Version : see ya cymbalta

06-15-11, 03:27 PM
well it's been another two weeks on cymbalta. I have a non stop headache and I don't really care about anything. It's nice not to give a crap. Anyways, I can't foresee living like this being of any benefit. Cymbalta your outta here!

09-15-11, 12:18 PM
May I ask what dose? I'm on my third week read my progress I posted in the adhd/fibro forum. I forgot to list the headache side effect. It lasted about a week, but I was asleep most of that weak. I was RX for fibro pain in replacement of Lyrica. I miss my Lyrica very much ..unfortunately the side effects of that alarmed my Dr and I now am in pain even more than normal and fight a constanr urge to sleep. Not to forget my dialated eyes that look as if i have been on an ecstasy or cocaine binge. Not cute.