View Full Version : Third night without sleep On Lunesta

06-16-11, 02:11 AM
Hi. Just started on 5mg Lex, 75mg Nuvigil, 2mg Lunesta.
Haven't slept 3 days as Lunesta not working. I even took 4 pills, so 8mg. I'm completely out of it right now and beyond exhausted. Does lun generally take a few days to kick in? Now 2am so don't want to take more as must get up at 7 for work. Had switched from 30 adderall to nuvigil and from trazadone to lunesta. Just not sure if should stick with lun or if try new. I. NEED. TO. SLEEP.
thanks for any advice

06-16-11, 02:47 AM
Try Ambien?

06-16-11, 11:12 AM
Are you bipolar and in a manic state? I dont know what to tell you except to go talk to your doc... I would have done that after day 2.