View Full Version : intuniv + ritalin or added to focalin

06-21-11, 11:15 AM
ritalin has a faster road to peak and the road is usually alot less smooth than adderall. Who has had success adding intuniv to ritalin or focalin.

06-27-11, 12:52 PM
It seems not lot of adults are using clonidine/guanfacine either with stimulants or on its own. I recon it is mostly given to hyperactive children and psychs are for some reason reluctant to give it to adult ADDers. I'm diagnosed with combined ADHD, on my 4th week taking 50mgc clonidine three times a day (on its own) and my impusivity, mild ticks (nail biting,hair pulling) and hyperactivity (urge to move) are much better. Also, I'm much more calmer in a positive way. I tried taking it along low dose of Ritalin (I'm very sensitive to stims, only taking 2.5 Ritalin at a time), and it seems I get rebound even stronger than without Clonidine. I also can't tolerate caffeine while on Clonidine, whilst I really need boost to counteract sluggishness. Still early days for me, seeing psych next week.

06-27-11, 03:48 PM
I noticed when I took intuniv which is close to clonidine ( with my stims ) after a few days I could focus a bit more clearly. I noticed my mind seemed to wander less and it curbed the hyperactive feeling that I get when I get antsy. I think it may have helped with stimulant side effects during the peaks as well, but after some time I started to drag. I'm not sure if this was just temporary or not but personally I feel a bit weary of messing with my blood pressure since I'm so physically active. That and I see virtually no adults taking it.