View Full Version : Firefox add on package for ADDers

06-21-11, 12:37 PM
while randomly scanning the web, I happened to stumble across this

it is a collection of add-ons for firefox which cater nicely for people like us who like to spend time stumbling around on the net :)

06-21-11, 12:53 PM
Thanks, Sighduck. If only I didn't detest Firefox so much.....I'm rather fond of Safari. I know, it's not that great AND I'm a MAC user.

I will check out some of them though. Maybe I'll put aside my bias/frustration and start using FF more often. :)

09-15-11, 12:15 PM
I have been in IT for many years. I think Opera is the fastest - their turbo boost technololgy speeds up browsing on 'slower' sites - great skins, add-ons, widgets, etc., iGoogle has great graphics and is very nice, Firefox is cool - great 3d graphics, IE9 Enhanced is very good, very clean. Don't like safari. But you have to get the latest versions prior to beta. is a great place to download from.