View Full Version : A christian site that DOESNT bash adhd

06-22-11, 10:40 AM
I eventually managed to find one, a christian website that doesnt mae ADHD and other psychiatric disorders seem like nothing, i found it actually quite helpful :)

06-22-11, 10:51 AM
It's a shame that it's been so difficult to find a such a site. I've belonged to a couple of Pagan & Wiccan sites where I've had great discussions with other parents of special needs children, and simply by talking about my own issues have prompted other posters to go and get diagnosed themselves.

I was interested to see how they talk through their issues on the site you found, but it seems to have to register and provide a testimony before you can even browse the threads. I don't join any forum where I can't get an idea of what it's like first. Just a little quirk of mine I guess.

06-22-11, 10:56 AM
you can browse it without any registration, just hit the links on the side of the page, they open more options of the page

I found a whole bunch of pretty interesting articles (including an extract from a Dr Barkley seminar) without registering

06-22-11, 11:41 AM
I didn't check any of the articles. I was curious to see what the tone of the discussions in the forum on parenting was like. I can't see those without joining - and I won't join a forum unless I can browse and preview the forum.

06-22-11, 11:56 AM
i dint know there was actually a forum there... but anyways, the articles are very interesting, and there is also a fair amount of handy downloads (charts and other organization tools etc)

06-22-11, 05:01 PM
Oh, okay. Somehow I got the idea it was a discussion forum like this, only with a religious aspect. I think it's great that they have an accepting loving attitude about mental disorders. Hopefully they're setting a good example for all those who follow the Christian path.

06-22-11, 05:07 PM
Im a christian too,ive never belonged to a church where they said taking meds is against gods will. The bible might condemn alot of sins and things nowhere does it condemn or say anything about adhd or mental health issues.

06-24-11, 07:12 AM
In 2001 that site had a great forum but they had to close it down because people started posting inappropriate things.

06-24-11, 07:22 AM
People are so stupid and ignorant its a real shame they ruin it for others.I Love how people say wiccans are satanists and kill babies and eat people.That isnt even remotley true even tho Im not a wiccan.