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06-24-11, 03:46 AM
I find that sports and exercise really improves my mental clarity, I'm much more focused in exercise than any other aspect of my life, its reduces my hyperactivity and is sometimes the only time in a day that I feel 'normal'. Although sometimes it slides into hyperfocus...

I've tried a range of different sport and exercises because the benefit I have varies between sports.

I like: football (soccer), swimming, running, boxing and badminton. I also like basketball but my hand-eye coordination just isn't good enough!

I struggle with: cycling, indoor (treadmill) running, general gym workouts, hockey, dance and rugby.

I just thought it'd be interesting to hear other people's thoughts on sports and exercise and which ones work for you and which ones don't.

06-24-11, 04:00 AM
i do Ballroomdancing and Latin-american Dancing, cool thing is i can "channel" my energy to my body while my head is 2 steps ahead :)
Bad thing is, you're supposed to keep your head in one position :S wich is difficult :)

06-24-11, 04:40 AM
strictly yoga, swimming and walking for me;
I'm very uncoordinated and I don't like sports very much.
- Oh and biking but my bike got stolen years ago and I haven't replaced it yet.

06-24-11, 04:58 AM
martial arts and bike riding work for me. Golf doesn't work for me at all but I keep attempting to play.

06-24-11, 05:57 AM
I can get a little obsessive with exercise, my favourites have been gymnastics, martial arts, partner dancing and circus arts.
I tried going to the gym, but it was just to mind numbing for me to pay attention.

06-24-11, 07:06 AM
judo for me. I used to play badminton a lot, maybe i'll pick it up again after summer.
I tend to go all in.. and stop when I drop. Something to do with not paying attention to my own limits..

06-24-11, 12:07 PM
I love sports. What works best for me...

triathlon- training on the bike you see lots of scenery (way more than running) and the adrenaline rush from speed is great. Best of all it tightens up the butt! Swimming is a great upper body workout and good for the heart. I register for races months ahead of time; this creates the incentive to train enough to not embarrass my self. Added bonus- guys can wear spandex in public- woo hoo!! :D:o:o.

Hockey- if you play contact hockey checking somebody hard is far and away the best remedy to assuaging the ADHD'ers anger. Wanna kill you boss; drill your opponent into the boards. Hubby ignoring ragging on the dirty laundry piles, stick up between the legs of your opponent. Honest, it's great therapy.

I also love competitive tennis sail boat racing.

I do play golf (supposedly) for fun, and lift weights with my best friends when he gets free (with a 6 and 8 year old that ain't much!).

06-24-11, 12:33 PM

(You know, that real sport that was babied-down to create the quaint American passtime called baseball.)


06-25-11, 03:21 AM

(You know, that real sport that was babied-down to create the quaint American passtime called baseball.)


I see people playing this in the park near me frequently, and they look *very* serious. I always hated baseball....because I never actually could hit the ball with that narrow I have to assume cricket is superior, just because they're sensible enough to use a wider bat.

My sport is pacing. I will pace longer and faster than anyone, regardless of available space, and oblivious to strange looks I receive.

Oh, and running. I like to run, but I don't like to try and 'beat me last time', just like the don't know if it counts as a sport...I do try to increase mileage pretty regularly

06-25-11, 03:51 AM
I absolutely love dodgeball.

06-25-11, 04:00 AM
I used to love dodgeball too! It's been an awfully long time since I played it though...

06-26-11, 03:17 AM
I've always been kinda klutzy and uncoordinated, so I've not been very athletic. However, there's some activities I can do more well than others.

Apparently I look graceful while swimming. If you consider driving a sport, I feel graceful doing that, too. Badminton and dodgeball were favorites in school. Yesterday, I tried archery for the first time, and now I'm hooked. Even though I'm a lefty shooting in the right handed way (since I'm weird and right eye dominant) I did pretty well for my first time and had a blast. Now I wanna get my own bow. So happy to be medicated, now I can actually focus on aim and how to precisely move my body for good results.

As for sports I suck at, I'm horrible at baseball. I can't hit the ball with the bat at all. I'm pretty lousy at bowling, too. I'm not in the best shape, so I have no endurance, so count out running and other endurance sports. I hate gym workouts. I can do elliptical machines, bikes, or treadmills as long as I have something interesting to watch on TV. I'm trying to lose weight and need to add exercise, but I just hate it so much I can't find a way to add a reasonable amount of nontorturous exercise into my daily routine and stick with it.

06-26-11, 03:54 PM
I always hated baseball....because I never actually could hit the ball with that narrow bat


Your'e NVLD

You should have gotten a 1 1/2 times larger sized bat!!!