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06-25-11, 03:31 PM
My son is five. The last 9 months have been extremely difficult for all of us as we tried homeopathic, diet changes and different ADHD medication. We have settled on tenex as the only thing that can probably help him right now at this age (Ritalin made him extremely violent). We were on .5 (1mg) three times a day (breakfast, lunch and supper with supper's being no later than 5 or else he has night terrors) but then the extreme hyperactivity came back when he wA adjusted to that so we bumped it slowly up to 1mg at breakfast, .5 at lunch and 1 mg at supper. Overall it seemed to be working well...impulse control was good, attention spam was improved, anger and temper were under control but...

We started noticing a pattern. At approximately 8am til noon a dark cloud comes over him. He is irritable, angry at the littlest thing, loses his temper, gets very upset when told no or things don't work out, doesn't enjoy those things he usually does, and is just very very unhappy. It starts an hour after he takes 1mg. His breakfast consists of an amino acid supplement, fruit, gluten free cereal and milk. He does have a proven gluten sensitivity.

I don't think it is his breakfast or anything else, I think it is the tenet and would like to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience?

We can't wean him off it as we have once before and the impulse control that included putting things in his mouth, tripping people to be funny and bullying, lying to be funny, lashing out physically and extreme temper all day long came back.

I do think tenex helps him with some areas but really can't go much longer with these horrible moods in the morning.

If anyone has input on dosage, side effects, etc I'd love to hear it!

I'm considering taking him back to .5 three times even a day even though supposedly that is such a low dosage that scientifically it can't be doing him any good but I disagree.

06-26-11, 08:13 AM
What other medication have you tried?

If you haven't tried Vyvanse I'd consider it; it seems to work for a wide range of people.

You could also try supplementing with liquid magnesium and fish oil. Dr. Sears has a decent tasting strawberry/banana fish oil supplement for children; he also has DHA Omega-3 chewables which are very tasty:p.

Before medication we tried the magnesium with ds and it took the edge off his hyperactivity at school. We do the chewables now and it helps a bit with his behavior when taking the medication.

I found a similar thread on another board; I'll pm it to you.

You may want to have your ds do a sleep study. A sleep deficit can show up as ADHD symptoms or worsen ADHD symptoms.

06-26-11, 12:01 PM
We were seeing similar patterns with our ds who is taking tenex. What I did for the summer was reduce his tenex. He was taking 3 mg/day - 2am and 1pm. I gradually reduced it to 2mg/day - 1am & 1pm, and I added a supplement called DMAE. It helped to elevate his mood. We also supplement with Omega 3 and Magnesium.

06-26-11, 12:09 PM
He is on fish oil, an excellent multi-vitamin and an amino rich supplement. I'm starting to wonder about bipolar though. I think we'll reduce the morning to .5 of a 1mg pill and see how it goes.