View Full Version : Raging from loud noises or pitches

06-27-11, 08:07 PM
My husband was diagnosed with ADHD and other LD's as a child. He's been sensitive to noise all his life but it's gotten worse as he's gotten older. He actually will fly into a rage when he hears the neighbor's landscapers start their leaf blowers. He has almost gotten into fist fights with people because of noise. If our neighbor's teenage son has a friend sitting out front with the bass going he jumps up in a huff and all red faced and has to go out and confront the kid. Whereas, I barely notice it and if I do notice it I figure the kid will either leave or turn off the engine soon enough. I don't even notice the landscapers and it drives my dh crazy that I don't get bothered by it. He sees it as someone infringing on his rights to peace and quiet. I just see it as noise that we're going to have no matter where we live and that it's part of life. Anyone else who can relate?

06-27-11, 08:32 PM
My reactions aren't that extreme, I won't get in anyone's face, but I'll sit where I am, and either rant and rave to whoever will listen, and if I'm alone I'll throw my own tantrum. I cannot stand when people drum their fingers on the table, make clicking/clucking noises with their mouths, or whisper aloud when they're reading. At work when someone is vacuuming when I'm working I internally freak out. I hate dogs barking, noisy children, loud systems in cars, you name it. I also hate loud startling noises like fire alarms or car horns. I wouldn't sleep in the same room as my child's father because he snored, we had our own separate rooms! We're not together anymore, and my new guy doesn't snore ever! ANYway, yes I can relate.

06-27-11, 11:27 PM
Sudden, loud noises always invoke an instant flash of rage as a response. I can be in a loud environment - I'm usually prepared when I walk in, and I can handle a somewhat consistently high level. But sudden, unexpected loud sounds make me jump out of my skin.

With other noises - the leaf blower, the bass - those slowly raise my blood pressure sometimes. Some sounds are worse than others, but any ongoing noise will eventually get under my skin. I have a tendency to use music in my home to drown it out, and earphones elsewhere.

The thing is - it doesn't sound too bad to you. It sounds like your husband, however, cannot filter the noise out the way you do. A minor background sound to you sounds like it's RIGHT THERE in his hear all the time.

One of the problems a lot of people with ADHD have is an inability to filter out environmental distractions - movement, sounds, scents, etc. It contributes to our distraction problems, and the harder we're trying to concentrate despite it, the angrier we get - because we CAN'T concentrate. Our brains don't process sensory input and environmental data the way yours does.

Have you considered getting him some kind of earplugs for the times he needs to concentrate? There is an extremely wide variety of plugs that filter out different kinds of noise, frequency, etc, without blocking out the sound of nearby music, people talking, and so on. You can find them usually at a music store. Try some out - it might be easier for you, and a huge relief to your husband.