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09-04-04, 03:38 PM
I recently got a tiny tin of altoids breath strips from Big Lots (for only 99 cents), which is very slick for hiding pills in as you can slip them in between the breath strips and no one will notice them even if they were to open it (it takes a good 6-10 flicks of the thing to get them to slide back out, less as you use up the breath strips I would imagine).

I have decided not to tell anyone I am ADD besides friends and family, so I need to hide them at work and take them in the bathroom. Previous to the tin, I would break them in half so the pieces were less likely to slide out of my pocket.

What good ways have you found to hide / disguise pills?

The ritalin I take dissolves very easily, so I guess I could dissolve them in water too...

09-05-04, 12:51 AM
BEWARE! If discovered, someone may assume you are abusing drugs...

09-05-04, 12:54 AM
Good point clammo.....

Ack, I was gonna say that just because someone sees you taking them doesn't mean that they have to know what it is and that it's not their business...but that could get the same response as clam said....

09-05-04, 07:42 PM
I just keep mine in my pocket. They are in my pocket alone. I keep my money on the other side.

Once I forgot which pocket I was using and shoved some bills in my pill pocket. I was standing in line to pay for something and I pulled my bills out. My vitamins, and meds went all over the floor. I was so embarrassed.

Trooper Keith
09-05-04, 09:12 PM
I carry a black film roll canister with my medicine in it, I got the idea from a friend/coworker over the summer. In my room, I keep all my meds in a box of vocab cards: if anyone wanted to thief them, even if they knew I took them, they'd have a hard time finding them.

I agree with you not wanting to tell people, I'm currently having problems with that myself.

09-05-04, 10:55 PM
I just keep mine in my pocket. They are in my pocket alone. I keep my money on the other side.

Once I forgot which pocket I was using and shoved some bills in my pill pocket. I was standing in line to pay for something and I pulled my bills out. My vitamins, and meds went all over the floor. I was so embarrassed.
Okay...hijacking thread....I left a check for 50 dollars in my pocket last Friday and washed the pants. I am too embarrassed to ask the person to rewrite the check. I guess I am going to have to though because they are going to wonder why I didn't.

I have a secret pocket in my purse for my vivaren. I only take my adderall once a day so I don't carry those.

09-06-04, 01:49 AM
Well, they'd have to follow me into the bathroom stall to see me taking them, so that's not really an issue...

Friday I took a wad of bills out of my hip pocket and put them in my shirt breast pocket and proceeded to fish around in my hip pocket looking for my pill- without success... then looked down and saw it sitting on top of the wad of bills in my breast pocket! Yipe. Fortunately, no one saw it.

And yes, the tension holding the pills in the Altoids container does decrease as you use up the breath strips. As one would logically expect. Duh. I confirmed this by flicking it and having the three pills in there come flying out. I would recommend a flick that results in the open portion of the tin coming to rest against the palm with no available space for the pills to fly everywhere, then using gentler taps to dislodge the pill that is now at the open end ready to slide out from between the breath strips. Still a great container tho.

09-07-04, 05:15 PM
Since I suffer from 'Bag Lady Syndrome' in addition to ADD :D In other words, even though I live about a mile from work I stuff every possible thing in my HUGE purses, tote bag, etc.. that I may need to survive for at least 2 wks whenever I leave the house. I don't like packing med bottles around so I keep mine in one of the little white cylinder things that trial sizes of Aleve or Tylenol come in. Very portable, inconspicuous, secure lid, and just the right size to keep a good supply of my meds, and a couple ibuprophen handy.

09-07-04, 06:39 PM has some really nice "vitamin organizers" says so right on the box! *winks*

09-08-04, 12:39 AM
You mean like this one? That's no pill organizer, that's a freakin tackle box. If you need this many pills organized, you got bigger problems than people knowing you take medication.

in fact, they probably should know you take meds, because the odds are good that if you're taking that many meds you're gonna have some kind of detrimental drug interaction...;$sessionid$0J2VAVSRFJAP4CQUAOYCM4 QKCQB00GXK?SkuID=5663&BreadCrumbType=SearchResult

09-08-04, 04:51 AM
Since I suffer from 'Bag Lady Syndrome' in addition to ADD :D In other words, even though I live about a mile from work I stuff every possible thing in my HUGE purses, tote bag, etc.. that I may need to survive for at least 2 wks whenever I leave the house. I don't like packing med bottles around so I keep mine in one of the little white cylinder things that trial sizes of Aleve or Tylenol come in. Very portable, inconspicuous, secure lid, and just the right size to keep a good supply of my meds, and a couple ibuprophen handy.

I suspect a lot of ADDers cope with forgetfulness by lugging around all the things they might possibly need... my problem (well, one of them anyway) is that as I get older, I find more and more things that would be handy to have readily available... I didn't expect that I would use the headband flashlight as much as I do, but now that is in my backpack at all times... (available at harbor freight or for $1.50 when on sale, about $2.50 when not, and works well, despite the crazy low price for those who are into such things)

I've already determined that I love my van because it has SO much storage space- at this rate, my daily-use car will eventually be a motorhome in about 20 years or so...

09-08-04, 09:37 AM
i think this one's pretty cool!

these are okay, too!

and so are these!

09-08-04, 11:59 AM
lol...yep that is a frickn' tackle box. However they've got much "less" than choose from.

09-10-04, 02:28 PM
I just swallow them in front of people.Nobody asked what it is for???

09-14-04, 11:22 PM
It would be possible for one to place his or her medication in a bottle marked as something different. Maybe an old perscription bottle (for an accepted condition, like allergies)? Claritin? (I'd imagine Claritin and your med may look similar). I'd say use over-the-counter, but then you wouldn't have as much of an excuse if someone else asked for one as it is not perscription. Just an idea . . .

09-15-04, 01:05 AM
oh yeah I keep all my pills,like aleve etc.and also wellbutrin in a cute pill box!I get it now...that's why they don't wonder...

09-15-04, 05:29 AM
I keep my daily supply of Concerta in a little plastic box that came with my earplugs. This keeps them dry and I can grab them from my bag if I need to. It's not as discrete as could be, but I don't want to carry them in my pocket as I think the outer layer would probably start to dissolve.

I love the pill-shaped metal pill box though!

There are some very discrete ones, like in link cuffs for men or as pendants for the ladies, they are AFAIK for more illegal stuff (I assume to smuggle pills etc. into clubs?) but if you're that worried, it may be an idea.

Maybe just print a card with an explanation and keep a cutout of the prescription label (or get your prescribing Dr. to write you a note) with you in case you do get accused of taking drugs.

09-25-04, 02:51 PM
You mean like this one? That's no pill organizer, that's a freakin tackle box.
<snip>;$sessionid$0J2VAVSRFJAP4CQUAOYCM4 QKCQB00GXK?SkuID=5663&BreadCrumbType=SearchResult

there is always this small one.;$sessionid$4IEOR4HDAK5W2CQUAOWSFE QKCQB1AGXK?SkuID=5664&BreadCrumbType=SearchResult

10-27-04, 04:04 PM
I know this topic is a little old, but I thought I'd add my suggestion... I've been using a spare contact lens case & it works great. I have two different kinds of pills, and there are two separate sections.

10-27-04, 05:49 PM
I just keep mine in my pocket. They are in my pocket alone. I keep my money on the other side.

Once I forgot which pocket I was using and shoved some bills in my pill pocket. I was standing in line to pay for something and I pulled my bills out.
I used to keep my bag of pot in my pocket with my money and one day in a convience store I pulled out my money and unbeknown to me my bag of pot fell to the floor.

A little old lady behind me bent over , picked it up and proceded to tap me on the shoulder and holding it up where everybody in the store could see it , she very clearly so all could hear, asked me if I had dropped something.

She was smileing a wicked smile the whole time.

I thanked her very much and calmly retrieved my bag and left the store.

Glad thewre was no cop in for coffee and donuts

10-28-04, 02:44 AM
my pills are in the pill containers that have the prescription on them still. More organized and people dont think you are a druggie when they find a bunch of differentcolor pills in a box

01-31-05, 07:52 PM
I take ritalin. I put them in a TicTac container, the one that is tinted dark blue (the orange colour shows the shape too well). It works well... people think I'm just having a mint. Works until someone asked me for a tictac... I just said it's my meds.

Funny thing though... I didn't have anywhere to put my tictacs so I put them in the prescription bottle for ritalin. My boyfriend asked me if he could have a tictac when he saw the tictc container, and I said it's ritalin. He asked where the tictacs were, and I had to laugh and tell him "Uh, the ritalin prescription bottle". Ironic because it was a deliberate switch...

Other things you can use: tube shaped tylenol container.

the only thing that is annoying is that I take one and a half pills, so I have to fiddle with the pills before I take them, which makes it more conspicuous.

But in reality, it doesn't matter. You take meds, it could be for ANYTHING. If anyone asks, you have a few choices: tell them the truth, lie and say it's for acid reflux or they're antibiotics, or really... say it's none of their business. And it really isn't anyone's business. People take meds all the time. They could be vitamin supplements for all anyone knows.

02-02-05, 11:26 AM
I would just use a small, child-resistant ibuprofen bottle.

One caveat: If you are traveling or will be going through security for anything, it's best to have your meds in the original prescription bottle - especially since many ADHD drugs are Schedule II controlled substances.

02-02-05, 01:22 PM
I agree that the scrip bottle is the best way to travel - to heck with nosey co-workers. I use an old bottle as a "traveler" to hold my daily meds, keeping the bulk at home. A tic tac container is dangerous should you lose it and a child gets ahold of it. Also any security personelle would be very wary of pills in non standard container and could potentially arrest you since Schedule II durgs can't be possessed without a scrip - it would be sorted out later, but who needs the hassle!

02-02-05, 08:39 PM
Slowpoke- I split some of the pills in half and then store them, so I don't need to split them at the time I take them.

I store my pills in my car ...which often leads to me forgetting to take the afternoon dose. I work at a school and all meds are supposed to be kept in a locked cabinet ...or at least that used to be the rule. Last week I heard that all meds need to be kept in the nurse's office in the locked med cabinet --but we're going thru a state certification process, so everyone is pretty uptight about following all the rules to the letter. It's made emergency situations like when I'm in dire need of some advil or excedrin so much harder ...used to be lots of people had a supply of painkillers, now I really have to search to find them.

A good portion of the staff know what adderall looks like, so I am especially nervous about them seeing the pills. But it's not like they stare at me when I take my meds. Headches, back pains and muscle pulls are very common at work, so people are always popping pills. But for the safety of the kiddos and for my own privacy, I feel compelled to keep my meds in the car.

02-09-05, 05:15 AM
I bought a waterproof keychain pill vial from where I work and I carry my ritalin in there. So far there has been no questions (I have used this vial for about 2 years) and no questioning glances. I work in a pharmacy so I take that as a good sign that no one is really that interested in what I take. I'm a manager there so the scruntity goes up 100%. As I have to fill my scripts there; a couple of the pharmacist know, and one of my close friends, but that is all and as I said, so far there have been no questions as to what I take, or if I take anything at all. (except for the time an assistant manager called me 20 minutes after I had taken an that's a humerous one.)

04-07-06, 05:02 AM
I am very proud of my ADD. Not hiding anything at all. Why should I? Not my fault "they" can't keep up with me. I'm smarter, more creative, have a broader world-view...shoot, they should be hiding not me!!! I'm in the company of most of the greats of history - Einstein, daVinci, Edison, the Wright Brothers, yada, yada - the movers and the changers...hmph Why should I hide?!

I read an article ( (very good article btw) that explains how we aren't attention defficient but rather attention divergent.

Additionally, I do not believe we have learning difficulties but rather that the teachers have teaching difficulties. No two people learn the same way, yet they insist on teaching everyone the same way. If you think about it, wouldn't all children benefit from being taught in small blocks? And why can't they make learning more interesting and fun?! Is it my fault they are creatively challenged?

Uh...maybe I should get off my :soapbox:

And since I know that we all get touchy at one time or another, none of this was meant as a judgment against those that feel they must hide their ADD/ADHD. I do understand that it is lonely being singled out. Been that way most of my life. But that's what makes me strong enough to stand up for those that are ostracized and ridiculed. People always fear what they don't understand and are cruel in their fear.

Oh. I use Concerta. A nice extended release med. That way you don't have to take your meds when you are at work. :)

Okay, enough babbling...I just hope that someday, no one will have to hide. Hang in there.

04-07-06, 09:19 AM
-a TYLENOL or ADVIL tube (the ones that carry 8-10 pills)
-a metal Yellow ANACIN tin (carries 12 ASAs)
-my back right pocket.

NB. Credit/ATM cards in back left pocket; keys in front left pocket; change/cash in front right pocket.

PS. I only carry a day's supply with me, plus 2 doses. That way if things get lost/washed/forgotten, i haven't lost the whole supply.

04-07-06, 01:56 PM
I've been carrying a days-worth of pills in a flat breath strip container, not recommended. It works well, but if a toddler got a hold of the container and pills, they would think its candy, as Gregster pointed out.

For example, kids occassionaly overdose on iron pills, which are now packaged to prevent access.

But I love my little containers! Hard to let them go.

And, always carry the drugs in a perscription bottle when traveling. Better to be safe than end up on a Homeland Insecurity watch list.

05-07-06, 05:41 AM
I bought a "poison locket" and a large regular locket after reading this thread, and have a few methylphenidate tablets in each. I wear them sometimes, but I haven't had to use the contents yet, IIRC.

Some of my suit-jackets have inside pockets, and that's a good place.

05-07-06, 05:52 AM
I dont see why everyone is ashamed i just take mine to work and no one says anything to me, and i coudl care less if they did. its not like you have sum embarrising aliament or anything like that.

05-07-06, 08:30 AM
I keep mine in my pocketbook. I just keep them in the bottle, less likely for spillage, plus the label and prescription is on it, so makes me more comfortable.

05-10-06, 06:42 AM
I've been using breat mint containers and anything that's hollowed out with a lid. although I keep an 'emergency' 1-day stash in a very small bag stored in my wallet.
(it's dangerous for me to forget meds)

vir novum
05-10-06, 07:25 AM
I keep mine in a No Doz (caffeine pills) bottle. Seems pretty appropriate. And for those of you who don't see the need to hide the fact that you take meds, the main reason I do is so that people don't ask me for them. Or swipe them from me when I'm not looking.

07-21-06, 07:33 PM
Careful about carrying controlled drugs like Ritalin and Concerta in something other than the prescription bottle. It could cause problems if you are pulled over by the police and searched, or if your employer assumes you are taking illegal drugs at work. Can you imagine the headlines?

Teacher Arrested for Carrying Controlled Substance

I would never live that down, plus it would out my ADD if I hadn't disclosed yet. My DL pic is bad enough without a mug shot. They do criminal background checks on teachers, imagine the long-term repercussions.

Heck, I worry when I have plastic bags of sodium carbonate in my van. Looks like bicarb, but comes in 10lb bags with a tiny label.

If you should have you purse stolen or desk broken into, it is easier to report the loss to police and get the insurance co. to pay for the new scrip. Never, never, never, travel on a plane without the original containers. If they catch the person, they have the evidence with your name on it-and a better chance to charge and hopefully convict them! Remember, criminals are often stupid.

If you are afraid someone will find out what you are taking, wrap a piece of paper around it and secure with tape or a ponytail band. That way you can color code if you have more than 1 scrip and avoid taking the wrong med. No one will know what you are taking unless they know what Concerta looks like. If they know that, you have an ADDitional friend at work. A lot of meds look alike if you plop them all together, you would not want an accidental dosage mistake.

I put different colored hairbands around mine and keep them in a make-up bag in my purse or rolling computer bag when working. I keep a second set of bottles, the out of date ones at home so I always have my meds available if I forget to take them.

Hope this helps someone.

07-21-06, 07:46 PM
In some jobs, food service, factory, clerk, and so on, you may need to keep your meds on your person at all times. Try one of the hidden travel neck purses or a small fanny pack.

If the bottles are too big to carry with you... write the bottle label with dr. name, pharmacy, scrip#, name of drug and dosage info on an index card, cut/fold to size and place in the container.

They also have little tiny zip bags for meds that are great too. They are waterproof, and sweatproof. Very handy. You can write on them and reuse them. Great for the emergency stash, just remember the info. (The emergency dose is a good idea, thanks, perhaps I should include a car key too.)

I never carry a full bottle with me-if a student should take it, I am up doo doo creek. I try to carry enough for 1 week at a time only and only what I need to take while at work.

07-21-06, 08:03 PM
Usually your pharmacy has pill cases that they will give you for free…but they're kinda like tackle boxes too. I will say this, BE CAREFUL carring meds in anything but the bottle they came in. It is illegal to carry prescription drugs outside their bottle (even in the pill cases you can get at the pharmacy) and with drugs like we take (usually class II drugs) you could find yourself in a real sticky situation. I'm not trying to scare anyone, I carry some scripts in other things from time to time. I think most law enforcement people wouldn't enforce that law (as long as you DO have a valid script) unless they really wanted to be a butt-head. Excuse my French. If you go to the bathroom to take them anyway, why do you need to keep them in a different container? Even if you do take them when people are around, you can keep them in your pocket and unscrew the lid, take one out and when no one is looking, pop it in your mouth and go about your merry little way. This technique takes some practice though. Hope this helps!
–NewGuy (…but getting to be not so new)

07-21-06, 08:11 PM
New Guy, go to the introduction thread and introduce yourself:) . Welcome to the forum! Look forward to more of your posts.

07-21-06, 10:19 PM
Funny story I saw in our local paper a little while ago.

Police were called to a street where a man was making a nuisance of himself and just acting a bit weird. When they found him he was a bit abusive, and they stopped him and asked for id.... he obviously reached into the wrong pocket and pulled out a bag of "vegetable matter" and was promptly arrested! :D

At least we could explain our way out of it and prove we had prescription for our pills if that ever happened :)

08-27-06, 02:20 PM
Hey all,

Just thought I'd remind people to make SURE you have your meds in a prescription bottle if you're going on the airplane, as the rules have changed.

I fly several times a year and can just imagine the scene that would unfold if I had a bunch of unlabled ritalin, dexedrine, effexor meds.

I've been keeping them all together in my tic tac container (it's cracked now and I need to get a new one) and on occasion someone has given me a really odd look when I take it out and have to pick through 5 different coloured/shaped pills (ritalin, effexor, dexedrine, advil liquicaps, tylenol 3s - I have a tooth abcess)

I tried a cool looking metal tin with the case sliding out from under the lid, but it got dented and would open at random. I'm going to try other kinds of disguises.


08-27-06, 02:30 PM
In the state of Maryland, if you are caught with meds in a container other than the one bearing the prescription it is an instant trip to court. It does not matter what meds they are. it is automatic. If you have schedule 2 meds, you proably want to carry them in a container with the precrition on it or it could be a major hassle with some possible jail time in some states.


01-15-08, 09:10 PM
Try this:

VoJo Energy Mints w/Guarana

The box is small, black, well constructed, and even has a small mirror in it. I finished off 2 boxes and keep them for my pills in my man-bag and my car.


1.21 Gigawatts
12-09-10, 04:23 AM
What I use on campus is the tin from the Altoids Small mints. They fit pills well, sound like the mints jingling around and the lid stays on nicely. It's way easier taking that out of my backpack then a bright orange medication bottle. I like to keep the fact that I have ADHD not public either so that was what I came up with, I also get the flavor mints that are the same color as my meds.

Here's a pic of what I was talking about

12-12-10, 02:28 PM
Not sure if anyone mentioned this but mint packets are great

edit: Whoops, everyone has