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07-13-11, 12:13 AM
Im danielle im 16 & i have ADHD, it mostly affects me with my family & mostly my mom & my brother & sister. I wanna know how does it affect you & your family?

07-13-11, 04:07 AM
Hi Danielle,

It does affect me, and my family.
since i moved out at age 20, i kind of lost contact with most of my family (for the best)
I haven't spoken with my father in 18 years.
And since the divorce 3 years ago the relationship with my mother has turned south too.

The trouble they have is: not understanding you in your ways, which is almost near to impossible for normal people.
make sure they know the background, it can make life soo much easier ;)

understanding is the first step to acceptance

07-13-11, 10:50 AM
Mmmm I'm not sure how to answer this because I don't know what affects are caused by the ADHD or by just us being us. My family and I are not close.

I'm nearly 33 and I have a pretty much non-existent relationship with my brother and sister. My sister and I had a falling out a year ago and I haven't spoken with her since. No skin off my back really. Quite content with the lack of relationship there. My brother and I speak but not often and again no love lost. I'm ok with it.

My mom and I are close but I do notice that perhaps because of my ADHD qualities I rarely initiate contact with her. I can go weeks without speaking to her and be ok with that. I don't like speaking on the phone and she isn't so hip on technology so email and facebook don't work very well which are my preferred ways of making contact. We see each other probably 4 times a year and that is plenty. We can manage each other in small doses. My dad died when I was 18.