View Full Version : Getting depressed after exercise?

07-13-11, 08:37 AM
Well that is odd!

I know they say that if you have ADD you should try exercise - I am not hyperactive though and I don't particularly like exercise (I like cycling but I need a destination otherwise I don't bother :-) )..

I tried going to a gym several times but I get soooo bored and even anxious or rather impatient once I am using a machine as I wan't to get over and done with it. I am quit black and white (as so many with ADD) and I try to work as hard as I can when I happen to be on a treadmill (otherwise I don't even start sweating)...But often (especially in winter) I get severely depressed after coming back from the gym. Last time I started crying like mad. Maybe that is one of the reason why I don't enjoy exercise. I try to take it easy but I might as well not exercise at all when I go too slowly.

I read somewhere on the internet that exercsie raises your cortisol levels - but too much cortisol can make you feel depressed. So I thought if your cortisol levels are already high (which seems to be the case with me..I can feel the symptoms but have no proof) and I start exercising, my cortisol level raise even more and maybe that causes a depressive mood?

That's just my theory but I wonder if anyone had a similar experience?

Just found this and it confirms my suspicion that inattentive ADHD patients can have high cortisol levels:

07-14-11, 08:52 AM
Anyone?? :-(

07-14-11, 09:03 AM
physical exercise makes me depressed.

no idea why.

its uncommon.

07-14-11, 09:28 AM
Interesting - do you do any exercise at all?

Wonder how many more there are - do you have ADHD-PI?

07-14-11, 09:34 AM
No I don't exercise.

I'm Bipolar and GAD. Probably not ADHD-anything. (But if I were, I'd probably be a "hypoactive combined", not PI)

07-14-11, 09:49 AM
Ah - got you!

wonder if anyone else with ADHD has this problem?

07-14-11, 01:57 PM
I am a mixed case. Usually exercise is good for me but occasionally it makes me somewhat moody and irritable.
I think a likely explanation for me could be temporary low sugar levels. The symptoms are the same when I have to go a long time without eating.

EDIT: just thinking there may be a marked difference between short high intensity forms of exercise and endurance based exercise.

07-14-11, 03:22 PM
yes the short high intensity ones make me really depressed :-(

07-14-11, 11:48 PM
I used to get insanely tired after physical exercise. Most people I know speak of feeling energized after exercises. I remember having a self-defense class one day and I missed my next class due to being completely unable to get out of bed. Normally I spring out of bed in the morning, so it was highly unusual. I barely made it to the class after that, even, and that was with much "guilting" on the part of my self-conscious. :)

07-15-11, 02:52 AM
I also get really tired with intense exercise, not long steady types, like walking. My brain gets like cotton wool - a complete confusion if I play a sport, say Soccer etc.; can't think or focus clearly at all, having almost no memory of what happened in play, then depression etc starts.

07-16-11, 07:53 AM
It depends.

If I exercise to exhaustion (riding to and from work) I feel good.

If I play golf on the other hand then I can often feel quite depressed because I suck at it.

07-16-11, 03:43 PM
@tudorose: haha...ok that sounds more like frustration than depression :-)