View Full Version : med change AGAIN

07-13-11, 09:32 AM
ok little back story:

after i had my first (Chase) i had slight depression (have had it for years as well as ADHD) but never thought to talk about it because it was controllable. after my second (Carson) i had to go on Luvox because i had slight PPD, but after about 2 yrs i started coming off of it because i was feeling a hell of a lot better. then i got pg with the twins (April and Aggie) and i had to stop the Luvox no matter what as i was planning on breastfeeding. we didnt find out we were having twins until about 20weeks into the pg. well that sent me spiraling down but it was only slight, i thought that maybe when they came i would be happier. no such luck. i had a nervous breakdown about 2 months later. i had to be hospitalized for 3 days. they put me back on the Luvox, it worked for about 4 months and then something hit and it didnt work anymore so they took me off of the Luvox and put me on Effexor, which i must say worked for longer, it worked for close to 2 yrs, then again i had a nervous breakdown and it didnt work anymore so the dr added in Well Butrin, that made the Effexor work for another 4 months or so. then it didnt work anymore so she tried me on Celexa, didnt work, we kept the well butrin because it was keeping me stable. she tried me on cymbalta and that worked with the well butrin for a few months and then it stopped working so "sigh" she tried me on the cymbalta with zyprexa, while im still on the well butrin and zyprexa made me loopy so i stopped taking that and she was in the process of taking me off the cymbalta and putting me on Pristiq but as i was coming off the cymbalta my mood took a turn for the worse and the pristiq was giving me vertigo, not fun when u are driving with 4 kids in the car lol
anyway so i saw the psychiatrist yesterday and now he wants to try me on lithium, risperidone, ritalin xr and some others, i really am hoping that one of these works, i have had so many drug changes in the last yr or so that i must be a walking pharmacy lol