View Full Version : Anyone had a good experience with Lamictal?

07-13-11, 11:56 PM
I started Lamictal/lamotrigine a few days ago to treat my refractory unipolar depression.

I was somewhat apprehensive, given the horror stories I've read about lamictal (such as The Rash), but so far I'm really liking it. It seems to be calming and elevating my mood, maybe making me a little tired, but without totally screwing up my focus and motivation.

Has anyone out there had a positive, long-term experience with this med?

07-14-11, 11:09 AM
Yes. Lamictal turned out to be the best tolerated and actively appreciated anticonvulsant I've been on.
I was on it for about ten years, never had a drama with it and felt more even emotionally when I was on it.
I used to take 200mg per day for epilepsy.

07-14-11, 11:56 AM
I've been on lamictal for 8 years. I had to up my doses slowly but at my current dose its controlled my bipolar very well.

07-14-11, 11:59 AM
Lamictal is rather safe and benign med. as far as psych-meds go.

I'd take it myself, but I'm not sure it will control my hypomanic episodes effectively as my Depakote does (or doesn't, some times).

07-15-11, 03:50 PM
Thanks, everyone. It seems like one of those drugs where the negative side effects, however rare, are just so scary that a lot of people stop taking it after a few days. The only drama I've had so far is a benign rash (no fever, checked about it with my pdoc) that seems to come on as a result of exercise.

There's even a positive effect -- it actually makes my muscles more relaxed. My bruxism is nowhere near as bad as is usually is, and my post-workout muscle stiffness is nothing as bad. I can use my foam roller without swearing like a sailor :)

I appreciate hearing from people who've been on it for so long. Thank you.

07-19-11, 01:50 AM
I had a seizure at the end of April. Neuro said probably because of the dose of Adderall I was on , 160mg per day (Adderall lowers seizure threshold). They ran tests on me.. Sleep deprivation eeg, mri etc...turns out i had a partial complex seizure and temporal right lobe and frontal lobe epilepsy.....

she started me on Lamictal and told me about the rash...she said 4 out of 10 get it...
so i titrated slowly...bumping it up by 25mg every now at 175 and so far it's been good...i should be at 200mg in 2wks.

as far as Lamictal helping...i haven't noticed yet.

01-01-12, 04:49 AM
I have been on Lamictal since 03. I took a year off of it. It takes the extreme low out of the depression I get. It is the difference between being upset and wanting to die. I some times think it makes me tired but I cant be sure. I have taken a lot of different meds for depression before I tried this one. It lets me feel like I am in charge again.

06-19-12, 11:46 PM
I guess I beat everyone here for length of use. I started lamictal December 'o1. I have taken it every day except two days for 11 years. I had been on about twenty drugs before. It was my last ditch drug...and it worked. Get neck pain and happier at doses around 200 but the neck pain was unbearable. So I'm at 125 mg Daily.

06-29-12, 03:10 PM
Yes it had near miraculous results with my depression. It wasnt great with hypomania but it turned it to pleasant hypomania instead of the angry dysphoric type.

I came off it after about 8 months because it was starting to feel heavy and toxic in my system.

Thats not recommended because depression is supposed to come back but it didnt. I have no idea why but Im not complaining.

I had hives the first few weeks but I ignored them because I was desperate. Thankfully it paid off.

06-29-12, 03:30 PM
I had hives early on too with lamictal. Thank goodness I did not stop it, though. It pulled me out of a very deep and crippling depression.