View Full Version : licensing of medication for adults in the UK

07-14-11, 04:20 AM
Is it true that until now no adhd medication is licensed for adult use in the UK? I wish they'd change this and change it soon. It has been proven that symptoms of adhd progress into adulthood so why not have medication (the same medication for adhd kids) for adults?

07-21-11, 11:29 AM

Have a read of this, it gives you tons of info on meds:

02-22-13, 05:47 PM
Actually I read only yesterday that Ritalin isnt licensed for Adults, but then seen a header (2011?) which said now is.

Dexamfetamine is an issue I have, it isnt licensed for Adults, but is for kids.

Funny thing is that i've read in numerous places that DEX/AMP works better for most Adults than MPH (Ritalin, Concerta etc)

I've been stuck on MPH for a year now (DX'd then) and its absolutely a horrid drug and does not help much at all, and only makes things worse.

Actually did a post on this subject in the general meds section yesterday, might still be able to see if quick, as I just requested it be deleted.

Apparently ADHD Adults are more of a risk for addiction/abuse of DEX than kids, yet DEX IS licensed for Adults for narcolepsy...

I've also read "ADHDers less likely to abuse, as they need it/helps them"

There is also a huge stigma attached to DEX and stimulations of the AMP/DEX nature.

It IS a total joke, and I can emphasise with your position.