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07-15-11, 07:34 AM
Johnny doesn't really ask for questions. But when he knows that something is bothering him, he should speak up about it rather wondering and bothering in his head.

Anyways, Johnny has a dilemma or 'the one' since he is trying to hard to deal with the situation knowing that 'the one' will be going in a few weeks for two years. Yes you heard Johnny.....two years......

Anything can change in two years, Johnny might not be the same person when Johnny was 23. So what Johnny does is to take every opportunity that he can to see 'the one' before the massive impossible challenge.

So how is Johnny gonna face the facts knowing how 'the one' is leaving.... By doing something about it.

But before Johnny start's talking about the present. Lets rewind way back to 2009.

2010.....what a year it was. Was going so high, was doing Johnny's honours program and was doing so well. Note this was prior to knowing Johnny had adhd.

One day, the supervisor told Johnny to try and take one of those dull computer classes. Even though Johnny hated it, he still eventually went just to make sure that if he misses anything, then it would be spoken in class.

That eventual day, Johnny was in that class and before he knows it, he was bored. Out of his brain and out of his mind. Then, he see's this girl. Looking like she was lost sheep, confused. So Johnny said to himself, ' Even though girls are a one way ticket to pain and misery, I still want to help. So Johnny went up to her and said "do you need help? Looks like your struggling with that program" The one said, 'Yea i do can you help me?' So Johnny tried with the best way possible and gave the one some examples. While this was going on, we started talking more. Smiling, being happy for each other. At the time though, Johnny didnt think for a second that a relationship would ever happen from this.....

to be continued.... Johnny to tired already

07-15-11, 07:38 PM
I await the exciting conclusion!

07-26-11, 02:53 AM
March 2010 "not 2009 from the first post DOH"

Johnny finds out that all he wanted from that conversation is the excitements when he talks to a random girl. Johnny Johnny Johnny almost did the most stupidest thing ever.

Johnny said to her " It was nice to meet you" and Johnny walks away. Johnny never thought for a second that the split instance that she might like Johnny in any way. That was unitl....

The stranger asked me from that same class. He called me up, and initially Johnny thought that this stranger needed Johnny for help. It wasnt the case, it was infact that the stranger saw Johnny and the girl talking so happy with full of excitement . This is what the stranger said to Johnny.

"Get her number"

"No wai" Johnny said. The stranger nod back to Johnny. "Ah man.....ok". And then Johnny went up to her and said " Umm, ok ummm, ummm ill give you my number and if you wanna do something, ill be kool with it."

"Lets exchange numbers "

"What? No wai..... Umm ok"

And so Johnny exchange his number with the girl. Johnny Leaves the room and the stranger smiles knowing that what he did would not have happened if the stranger did not intervene.

To be continued......

07-28-11, 03:18 AM
Johnny, let's hear the rest, come on.... :confused:

07-28-11, 06:02 AM
I'm listening :D

08-01-11, 03:53 AM
The first time Johnny was like in a OMG, got a chicks number man? If Johnny has a girls number, he feels like a grown man at the top of the world. Then again reality sets in and calms down two days later.

Johnny keeps thinking at the time... when's the right time to call her? Ok.... to the internet. So as Johnny looks at his internet, he searches the answers to find how many days when it is appropriate to call her.

Ok... one forum says three days.

The next one says "CALL HER NOW" with an exclamation mark next to it. While others days in majority at the time says 4 days. These days, Johnny did the four day method and he called her.

Asked her out.

And the first outing was that myself and I went to a small Japanese dine-in restaurant for lunch. This is where at the time me and her got to know each other well.

She said initally.

"At the moment were just friends for now and see where this will go"

Johnny agreed to this, since at this time he was now only thinking about her but he was also thinking about his honours in applied science program. But since he wanted to have fun. This was johnny's failed joke.

"Hmm, i see water... with lemon ? lime? ok.... is this water with stuff in it" She giggled and i thought...ok i think she's got the failed joke, but laugh at it anyway.

Another random question was her birthday. She said to me the day on april fools. Johnny didnt understand but moved on for his conversation due to his inattention of looking at her pretty face :D

So after the first meeting.... the next one did not happen for....

To be continued

08-05-11, 04:00 PM
You really are one for cliffhangers, aren't you?

08-07-11, 07:07 AM
Always have sir.

Johnny's life is always full of them. Its like Johnny cannot be walking in a straight line with out something that will distract Johnny's mind from something.

Another day, fast forward to January 2011. (Its been 7 months the last time she saw her)

Some things have changed.

She recently came back from her 6 month study trip from the Netherlands. Its where at the time we were still friends and that me and her were focused on our careers.

Unforgettably Johnny decided to drop out of his honours class after 6 years of university.
So we did our own thing. However Johnny did have one regret:

Not getting the opportunity to meet some of 'the ones' friends make Johnny disappointed since it was his only chance prior to 'the ones' friends moving back overseas. Johnny however he might meet them in the future. So if want to learn form this, never ever regret anything in your life as everything has measures for you to become special.

June 2011
Everything changed... Johnny starting to see her more often after work. Johnny always have some excuse to find a way to see her (thank his inattenative add for this one), so he currently get his way.

Johnny on some days were not able to see her, mainly because she keeps walking and not bothered to wait 5 more minutes. Its all go go go and if johnny misses her, then johnny has to wait the next day. So Johnny eventually keeps trying.....

Late June 2011
The way that Johnny got close is when Johnny gives his girl a hug, he try to give her a kiss on the cheek. Johnny knows she was very very reluctant a the time.

The next day after this moment, Johnny and her started talking, about how the relationship is gonna be....

This what ' the one ' has said

Where are we in this relationship right now? Are we friends?

Johnny Replied

Well, ive been thinking about this..... For a very long time, i wanted to wait a year before i become closer to you. This was to make sure that your comfortable when i am around. I like you, but if you say that your not interested, i will just be blown away and disappeared into the wilderness....not to be seen again.

What Johnny said, pretty much sealed the fate between him and 'the one'

The one replied

Wait.... Dont go, I still want you here

Johnny's gobsmacked. He didnt know what to say. He was blown away, he never though this time that he would ever been involved in a serious relationship as this one.

So now ever time Johnny sees 'the one', he gives 6 minutes lessons about life which is quite random since they only happen for a limited time only. One day it would be about time, the next about relationships. And the next would be about family.


So as me and her are getting closer, there are now things that are gonna challenge us.....

heres a picture that will say it all

Johnnys knows what in your mind now....

To be continued

08-21-11, 06:40 AM
Well last week was a roller-coaster ride.

The first three days Johnny will remember for the rest of his life. He was thankful for even being part of her life. Johnny was in another state, lets just say Johnny left melbourne and flew to sydney to be with the one for one last night together.

The main purpose was that for her to get her visa prior to her leaving to the netherlands. What johnny did not expect is that me and her were getting close..... tooo close in fact.
Ill say no more as this was something Johnny doesnt want to say, but Johnny is sure that you guys will get the picture.

Now the twisted part of the sydney trip. Is that what she said to me was something out of the ordinary yet wise.

I want you to get someone else. Promise me you will get someone else for me please.

Johnny's world flipped outside down, he was frozen in the mist thinking of why she would say this. But Johnny remember that he has three thoughts talking to him, the mind, the heart and his....p**is.

Unfortunately, Johnny chose the wrong option and chose his heart. His heart wanted more even though Johnny cannot do anything more knowing the day when Johnny and the one went our separate ways.

Friday 19th August 2011 @ 1am

The time has come, me and her went our separate ways. But not before Johnny was being an idiot for the last time when he should have been more mature about this situation. The one didnt like it, but Johnny calmed down and realised it was for the best.

The reason for Johnny being an idiot was that Johnny asked if the one was his girlfriend. Unfortunately the response that Johnny recieved was.

I like you, but im not your girlfriend

And with this WTF moment, Johnny's ADD appeared. Johnny overreacted without thinking and not using his gift to read her .

It sucks that it ended this way. But Johnny did say his goodbye and gave her a hug before she leaves. The last thing that Johnny said was that we made a deal and will have no communication what so ever till the first month has past.

After we made our separate ways. Johnny didnt know what to do. Johnny didnt have any answers to why she would say this until.....

August 21 @ 1am

Johnny asked his closest and best mate and told him about it. What my mate said was the best thing a mate can ever ask for. This is partly what he said.

The main reason why she isnt your girlfriend is that she didnt want this to make it harder than it should. The trip in sydney was simply saying thank you for all the things that was done for her and that she will never ever forget it. However with this, she doesnt want you to wait. Rather make life go on and if you ever find someone better, dont think about 'the one' rather that she only wants you to feel happy. This is a double edge sword and there is noting much you can do about it.

My mate was right, my thoughts became clearer and i have received the answers Johnny have been looking for. Johnny will still do what it feels right, but with this in Johnny's head, he will have to keep walking Johnny says.

The tijd has kommen. Ah the prologue has come to the end, Johnnys has his head stuck in the wall. And now the relationship problem will begin. It sucks to be in Johnnys position but he has to move on for him to kick *** @ uni and get his goal of GPA 3.0+

I hope you have enjoyed reading this reflection as i use this also for me to remember cause my ADD makes me forgets things i should never forget.

Anyways, a new chapter will be written, in December. Johnny would also find out if me going the distance can make it happen, for Johnny's sake, Johnny hopes it does work out someday......

09-01-11, 08:03 PM
Well, Johnny need to update this again. Well, since ive been getting too many flashbacks of simply just thinking about her. Its hard simply because she made me reduce my inattentiveness alot and there was a huge improvement in Johnny's life.

Its probably because Johnny feels alone right now, even though hes used to being in this position many times before. But Johnny thinks its time to focus on the bigger picture since he has 5 subjects to do.

Now, my question is...... the one thing that keeps bugging me is that weeks ago, prior to her leaving is that she said.

Dont come here if your just coming to see her. If you have something else that you will be doing then thats fine.

But on the other hand, she did have previous relationships. All broken down due to less interaction. She told me her friends boyfriends didnt come to see them as well when they were separated by distance......

So Johnny has a dilemma of weather to go or not just to see her. Johnny has till the end of next week to find his answer.

Should he go.... yes or no?

Ik houd lopend

Johnny Walker

03-12-12, 03:48 AM
Well, Johnny is back... and noticed things... many thing that came into my life.

Johnny eventually went to the Netherlands, even tried to meet with Mr. Gerbz which didnt eventuate lol.

Anyways, when sometimes things dont work and cannot be fixed, then it is best to move on and not be attached to the emotion's of being in a relationship. It sucks that Johnny truly found out that this girl Johnny fell for will only use me as a "back up" relationship if things dont seem to work where she is still studying... in the netherlands. Johnny had the worst/best new years ever because not only Johnny found out she is a smiling assassin but it made myself a better man personally. Ah well stuff happens eh?

I still talk to this person from time to time, she still says she misses australia ( where im from)

So at the moment, this love story has come to an end for now..... however Johnny might have one in the future..... in a different country AGAIn :) TBC....

So should Johnny show his face to the world of ADD? Only time will tell

03-12-12, 04:06 AM
Aren't you Massari?

Or are you Il Mignun?

I'm so :confused:

03-12-12, 04:14 AM
And that is so random ?

Im just johnny

and so now i want to bring them home....

06-25-13, 08:00 AM
And the story continues here:

Although i still never got my chance. Somehow we still talk to each other. I dont know why to be honest, but i guess im the wind that keeps running back. The wind that seems shallow and distant with the blow of a kiss can somehow reach her further and further away. With this moment, we have recently seen each other again. Which made this more awkward, only because we are in two different worlds now. One where a girl is having the time of her life, socialising with a group of friends where im still trying study for my exam tomorrow. I still need to write this down as this is one way to see myself move on.

I do not know why i still think about her, but I think she still wants me in some way. Prehaps I not that useful to her. But i guess she needs me from a psychologist point of view. She is very popular too since she a girl and i realised its sometimes too good to be true. And she said years ago that im too good for her (bummer).

My last encounter with her personally was only for 4 hours... in Singapore! Yes i travelled from Australia to Malaysia for a few days follow by Signapore to see her. Only because she wanted her work clothes from her parents. Seriously what guy does that? I guess only stupid guys who are gullible like myself who fall for the traps. But once i meet her and felt like were friends but I did sense jealously only because within the four hours I was talking mostly to her cousin. I dont know for sure, but i blew it.

I guess only because it felt like her personality changed which means she has definitely moved on and im back in the friend zone. I need to be a man once more me thinks.

So as of this moment, we still talk on skype... she still messages me from time to time she misses 'melbourne' and the 'food' even though she is having a blast in the netherlands working full time which includes travelling.

And now, she said.... if your going to England..... do let me know so i can save up and come with you.....

Johnny is thinking of going...

But will he do it all over again just for loose change.... or for the win.


Stay in Melbourne for the time being.....

Ah decisions decisions

To be continued.....

06-25-13, 09:25 AM
would say great story but I have to remind myself that this is not a fanfiction forum. Other than that, haven't had anything beyond a quick fling that both started and ended fast in a very long time, so I'm probably not the best source for relationship advice. If I were you, though, I'd move on.

07-05-15, 10:33 PM
would say great story but I have to remind myself that this is not a fanfiction forum. Other than that, haven't had anything beyond a quick fling that both started and ended fast in a very long time, so I'm probably not the best source for relationship advice. If I were you, though, I'd move on.

And that is exactly what Johnny did... he move on... and is in the process of becoming something that he is dreaming on from his entire life.

My last sky chat with her went for 2 hours... and the last time was in december 25 2014.....went for 3.5 hours! Yes that long :)

I realize that she is suffering form PTSD from a breakup and hasnt moved on from her situation in YEARS. Its the reason why she always hang around with boys. Its just unfortunate shes not really with a man yet....Shes currently with a new boyfriend who similarly (except the skin color) that looks like me. I told her that i will be moving on someday... but still wants me to be around and says that she wants to (insert your imagination here) me in melbourne in 2015.........

Johnny can save her.... but there is only one thing Johnny can do in time......and its going to cost me alot of money and bread... yes bread....

Keep walking

Johnny walker.

07-07-15, 02:54 AM
I realize that she is suffering form PTSD from a breakup and hasnt moved on from her situation in YEARS.


Johnny can save her....

Don't make the mistake I made. No one can save another person. You can help her save herself, but only if she is ready for that.

08-11-15, 07:45 PM
Don't make the mistake I made. No one can save another person. You can help her save herself, but only if she is ready for that.

Sarek, thanks for Johnnys reply. I can understand what you have meant by this, however when the thought arises when I do want to help her in some way, but the distance and the financial cost is too great at this stage. As stated, my last contact with her was two months ago. And although I initiated contact, she kinda freaks out when she's not available to talk to me. That I couldn't figure out why, we haven't talked previously in ages prior to this, but my feeling is that she too is looking at her options.

I have no idea what the universe wants in my life, but my feeling is that I still have to keep in touch with her to find out where it leads too. The main issue with this is that even at work, names and faces are associated with her and which reinforces my brain to be clear (yes I know it is strange). With this in mind, I have to teach my brain to stop reinforcing those thoughts though the amygdala if it's through mindfulness or through hobbies.

For now, I have this year to try and save up to travel in 2016. I should ask her where she will be in 2016..... even though I don't want to....

Keep walking

Johnny walker.

08-15-15, 07:28 AM
And yes, Johnny did ask her.... just last night....

Johnny always wanted to think about what is the best way to start off a decent conversation.... and what I am interested in is the meteor shower which happened a couple of days ago. And I asked her about the biggest meteor shower and wow she replied so fast like the dog chasing the bone. She sounded quite excited not only to hear from me but the fact that I actually made plans to where I'll be next year.

I always said that i wanted to be in holland (mainly for the high quality of research that is pumping in holland and.........yea she's over there. I still dont know what she wants.

But becasue i told her i have plans to where ill be next year, she said...

"Lets talk on skype"

I was like..."Yea....sure...okay"

So at this moment ill be talking to her... on skype.... alot sooner than i expected...

And just when i was about to delete her number... in the meantime.... i just change her nickname too....


I don't know why I gave this her nickname for now.... but perhaps I was hypnotised
at one stage...

more to come

keep walking

johnny walker

12-14-15, 01:02 AM
So I thought I had move on.... I have begin to start flirting with other girls again. Mostly because she is 'Seeing someone'. But I never thought she would be the first to 'initiate contact' in a long time.

So the first thing she said to me in over 6 months was
"Sooooo... you have checked my linked in profile? With a balloon emoticon"....

I was like eh.. wtf... That was like months ago. Literally 2 months ago I checked out her profile only because I was only updating my profile for that I.T job. And the fact that I have his linked in contact and not bothered to add her.

So she was like.

Wow it has been a long time. Its a good thing that were friends and not in a relationship. Imagine if we were.

I was like Tuck Fhat... I wish I didnt hear what she just said as I was already over her and the feelings come back of something there... like a box but once you open it... It was nothing.

So there here I am and she suggested we have a skype call. I was like alright no worries pick a day and it will be alright. I asked her again if she was in a relationship and essentially she didnt give a straight answer. Like her eyes looked away and said

I am seeing someone and I still have trust issues?

So here we are me listening to her vent about her life while she is seeing someone.
But yea the reason she might not get an extension to her contract is due to other other 'dutch women' flirting with the boss and her being left out in conversation.
Although it was good for her to vent. She never asked how i was doing. Nor that she really cares. I've started to see the cracks and realised that If i wanted to be with her, I have to understand she might be a little selfish. I asked her to see if she wants to skype to see how I am doing.

Those ‘trust issues are sometime’.

We'll have to she if takes the cake.

Keep Walking

Johnny Walker

12-14-15, 01:50 AM
hmm. are you attached to her? what i mean is, are you still smitten with her?

my opinion: she likes getting attention/flirtation with you, but ...she likes that you make her feel better about herself. she's not really your "friend" in my opinion.

i think you could do better and should keep walking...