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07-18-11, 06:24 PM
Ten Survival Tips for My Children:
I have to remember, as Kahlil Gibran points out, that you are not my children but you are, “the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.” You come through me, but are not from me--you are with me, but belong not to me. So, in my efforts to be the stable bow, and you the arrow that goes swift and far, I have discovered some things about myself that you are invited to use in whatever way you wish in order to find the person you are meant to be:

1.Practice looking for beauty everyday—even when you feel the crippling pressure to be perfect.

2.Source your strength in the loyalty of love when you are wading through the dizziest of betrayals.

3. You’re allowed to change your mind, if you can bear the shame of feeling disloyal to another in order to be true to yourself.

4.Take a risk now and then—the messiest and wildest mistakes are part of the adventure of truly being alive.

5.I absolutely promise you, that if you can blow through all the fear and anger, you will find the ‘you’, you are meant to be. It seems like an absolute miracle when someone can achieve this, so just by seeking it, you succeed.

6.All the metaphorical ducks will never be in a row—don’t wait for that to happen in order to be happy.

7.You may feel great rage and grief that discovering the person you were meant to be is not so black and white—the real issue is if you can face possible embarrassment to proceed with seeking your dream.

8.Have the courage to be angry, to be joyful, to be scared, hungry and tired—say hello to the pain when the fire is at your back, then watch it fade away in its own fear of dying.

9. Life will be unbelievably hard sometimes—just pure, raw pain. If you feel gutted by life, now is the time to take a fierce, moral inventory of yourself, and see if you are the one that supplied the knife. Don't hide it orfix the pain, just sit with it—don’t shrink back. At some point, you will be able to put your ear to the ground and feel the soft, gentle heartbeat of the Earth again.

10. Know that love is the pure essence of life, and you are the pure essence of love.