View Full Version : Defeat vegetables... with the power of Florentine!!

07-19-11, 01:07 AM

As a kid I hated vegetables, and as an adult I have not grown to like them an iota more. When I was a kid and tried to eat vegetables, they would cause a gag reflex. The only way I could get them down, in fact, was to chew a mouthful and then swallow it down with a gulp of water or juice.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, my access to various foods and ingredients was very limited. However, I have discovered the power of... Florentine! You can add spinach to just about any dish. You can get a huge container of spinach at Costco for like $3.50; I shovel it into my dishes and still never manage to use up the whole thing. Benefits?

1. Cooked in a dish, spinach is fairly tasteless. Take that, foul-tasting broccoli! Have at ye, gag-inducing asparagus! :p You won't even know the spinach is there...

2. You get to call whatever you're cooking "..... Florentine." You can add the spinach to anything; for example, the other day I prepared "macaroni & cheese Florentine." Voila, you are an instant master chef! :D

3. Spinach is healthy.

4. It takes about 2 seconds to take the spinach out of the container and dump it into whatever you're cooking. Florentine doesn't require much motivation or effort for a big pay-off.