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07-20-11, 03:33 PM
I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum, but can't find it. For those with smart phones, do you find your phone more of a distraction, or a tool? And do you find one particular brand/phone works best? I've played around with both and I find things both helpful and annoying about both, but don't know enough about either to know which would help me stay most on track.

07-20-11, 03:34 PM
Droid! addicting distraction

07-20-11, 03:55 PM
It has been discussed. But never mind that. I pesonally prefer Androids because of their more open character.

07-28-11, 02:33 AM
Trust me, iPhone.

Android is just OCD city, unlock bootloader, flash rom, flash kernel, restore apps, download new apps, forget them in drawer, keep replacing them since the market app is there. You will replace all of those multiple times. I like Android more, but I am going with my iPhone now, since I do anything but use the phone as a phone, while the iPhone has better quality apps (even from the same creators, try out SoundHound on both) consistently, plus the simplicity is nice. An iPod Touch would probably be just as good.

The only reason I didn't use it before was because I would OCD with scratching the screen or something, and Droid had Gorrilla Glass so it was better. I just bought a screen protector and am using my iPhone as often as I can. Try both, if what I say sounds appealing to you, then you will prefer the iPhone.

07-28-11, 04:57 AM
Ummmm..... is anyone else confused about the post above me??

Anyways, to answer your question, I think smartphones definitely CAN be a big distraction, especially for those of us with ADD, but it's definitely more of a tool, you just might have to exercise some self-control if it turns into a distraction.

As far as phones go, I definitely recommend getting an Android phone over either an iPhone or Blackberry. I just recently switched over from a Blackberry to an Android phone (just because my phone broke), and I've been very impressed with everything the Android has to offer. My Blackberry was alright, I had no major problems with it, but there are a lot of apps made for other phones that weren't available for the Blackberry.

The iPhone is a decent phone with most of the same apps available as Android, but you are stuck with all the extra baggage that comes with owning an Apple phone (can only use iTunes, have to buy Apple-specific stuff, give Apple rights to your personal information, etc.).

Get an Android, you won't be disappointed. As for phone brands, you pretty much can't go wrong with either HTC, Samsung, or LG, but the phones available will depend on your carrier. Read the phone reviews on

07-29-11, 09:04 PM
I live in a Mac world. I refuse to put my calendar on the internet, same with my contacts. I would have to do that with an Android to make it behave as I want it to. It's not necessary with iPhone.

There are apps for whatever tools you need and those apps are available for whatever platform you choose. By this I mean that I can find an analogous app for anything I have on my iPhone for other platforms.

As with anything technology, the question is, "What do you need to accomplish?" Buy the platform that answers this question best and fits your pocketbook.

My phone is so NOT a distraction that I have been known to forget to carry it, much less use it. The answer to the question regarding distraction is as individual as... individuals. I do find my phone to be a valid tool when I remember I have it.

07-29-11, 09:26 PM
I want a Samsung Galaxy II so bad but they're soooo expensive.

I have an iPad... it's good but frequently annoying. It has very little RAM, which is obnoxious. Annoyance of the day: it pops up your search history when you open the browser... I was trying to look something up at work and it kept popping up "Dexedrine" ... in front of people... yeah I don't really want people to see that...

Plus the pop-ups and transitions are animated. Ugh. Just... appear. You don't have to animate everything.

I will probably get an iPod Touch 4, or a used Android phone... I like the idea of still using my iPad apps. I just really need something I can carry in my pocket. The iPad's too heavy.

07-29-11, 09:42 PM
I sometimes think its both.
Todo lists on my homescreens help me remember **** that needs to be done. Calendars help me organize my meetings etc. Some of the games make me feel like my organization and management is improving. Brain teaser/trainer apps help me sharpen my acumen.

Constantly tinkering with my phone's settings, installing custom roms, rooting etc. acts like a distraction sometimes. So do games.

Between Android and iPhone there is no logical reason one would chose iPhone.
You are giving out your information in either place, if you are already using a Google account, with Android you are continuing to share your info with the same company. With iphone you are introducing the new recipient of your personal information. Frankly, now I don't even care about sharing my info largely cos, unless you completely are not connected in anyway there is a very good chance that all or a lot of your info is already out there. Your average car salesman has more info on you than your doctors btw in case you're interested. Simple deep web search engines like etc can tell you how much info is out there on you which you weren't aware of.

Android gives you freedom. iphone makes you think you are being unique and thinking differently by buying a phone which is exceedingly common, you paid for, but have no control over.

Android has the choice of the Android market, Appbrain, Getjar, Amazon to get your apps from. Amazon has free apps on a daily basis, and these are legit, really good apps, not some crap app. Usually, one app which is paid on market ends up being free on some other (for the full verison). For. e.g. Cut the Rope is 4 bucks on Android Market but Free on app brain.

If you exhaust these, you have file sharing websites from where you can just download the same apps - all for free.

Android has the most awesome collection of Google apps, the same corresponding apps on the Apple appstore have reduced functionality or are just not available. Brilliant example: Google Navigator: beautiful, free GPS which actually gives you satellite and street view !! For Free !!!

Android gives you more control over your phone, and allows you to receive more content, unlike Apple and their ridiculous policies (For example Apples crazy filtereing - Best camera off the market for a while (and uninstalled remotely ) because it actually allowed users modify the button functionality to make up for a feature flaw - the lack of a dedicated shutter release button).

Android has much, much better support, you aren't handicapped by having to take your phone to the retarded genius bar.

Multiple homescreens = better organization.

You don't end up buying special accesories because everything apple is proprietary.

I'd rather be a part of a company which supports open source has some flaws but is generally good rather than a company which thrives on creating a sect of the population which are economically advantaged and can afford to buy the higher priced products priced higher largely to satisfy the greed of the company and secondly to create a smugness among Apple users. This smugness and the fact that they paid a good amount for their smugness results in a product most people will support through anything just because they are made to believe that they actually paid the premium for a good reason at the same time owning a product they have extremely limited control over.

Owning an iphone is like owning a PC to which you haven't been given the administrative rights to and having a uptight, high strung, irrational system administrator who suffers from delusions of grandeur and feels its his free right to decide what is or isn't right for you. Owning Iphone is like being in Taliban regime, and paying a premium to be there.

I whole heatedly support the Droid. As for the Brands, I would probably choose HTC in the current scenario due to their fairly unobtrusive add on which doesn't butcher your phones performance. Motorolas are solidly built with very high quality materials usually but has the crappy firmware (which you can eventually remove). Samsung has the sexy AMOLED display but their firmware or ROM is really crappy too. I sometimes find the construction plasticky but the Droid Charge is a delight. The last I had heard the Galaxy S had serious GPS problems where the GPS used to be off by a block or two.


08-26-11, 12:47 PM
I had a smartphone but found it useless. It was difficult to enter things (TINY keyboard) and I just kept ignoring all the reminders.

I'm relying more on a laptop plus (horrors!) paper notebook (after reading Russell Barkley's new book, which discourages gadgetry), and finding it more effective.

08-26-11, 02:11 PM
My iphone is a god send. Haven't needed to try anything else cause it gets 'er done( OMG I am speaking Albertan) I loaded dragon and I rarely use the keyboard. With any other phone, id forget it everywhere but this phone is so useful, voice memos of random thoughts etc, somehow I rarely forget it and charging it and tethering it to my laptop is so easy. That's the thing. I am no techno geek and the iphone is so idiot proof and all the aps I use are free or 99cents and my tunes are on it and and and and.................

sorry, gushing. but I forgot to mention that I am a visual artist and have taken at least 3000 photos on my iphone, and did I mention file xferer...

08-28-11, 04:14 PM
I have a Droid, and I love love love it!

Can't offer any sort of insightful comparison. Admittedly, I did choose the Droid because well, we all saw how the Mac v. PC wars went last time... no sense in learning one (Mac) and then having to learn the other (PC).

There are a lot of apps that you can get, for free, on the Amazon App store. They are good for both i Phone and Droid.

So far, my favorites are:

Grocery IQ (it has a bar code scanner and arranges the list in aisle order)
Brightest flashlight app
Angry Birds (it's good way to pass time when waiting)
Handcent - good for managin people you don't want to talk to. - then you can check prices online
Live Wall Papers
QR Droid - reads the square bar codes
Where's My Droid - so you can find your phone if it's misplaced; it turns the ringer on remotely

I'm currently playing with:

Recipe Distiller - it automatically ads contents of a an online recipe to a grocery list

Cozi - it's supposed to be able to keep track of hubby and my committments.

08-28-11, 04:58 PM
I'm an Android girl, all the way. Apple is way too proprietary with their stuff, and I find that limiting. I like open-source - more flexibility, creativity, etc. Proprietary software means you have to stay within their limits, their boundaries, and pay for things you could get for free, or even create yourself.

However, privacy CAN be an issue, unless you're OK with digging around and tweaking the settings. I am, because I don't think the company that designed an app for a game needs to be able to read my phone calls and other information.

I used to have the first Droid, but just recently got the Nexus S. Google is very open with their privacy policies and user control, but for the first time in my life, I'm in a running battle to prove that I'm smarter than my smartphone. Yeesh.

When it comes to the help or hindrance thing, smartphones are a bit of both. They're great for keeping my organized and on track, and for providing stimulation in a situation that would otherwise drive me nuts - like waiting for an appointment. I can read books on them, or surf the web. However, there are times when it's a temptation to play around on them when I should be doing something else.

Overall though, I find them more of a help than a hindrance.

08-28-11, 09:33 PM
I don't have experience with anything other than the iPhone 4 that I own. I don't know how I lived without it!

I have a great calendar/To Do app that I put absolutely everything into except daily routine things. I have another app for those items so I don't clog my calendar reminding myself to take my pills or do laundry or other misc. home things (and I have it set up so that "HomeRoutine" has a reminder pop up in the morning... and one of the "routines" is to check my calendar so that I don't forget to check my appt.'s, to do's and work schedule).

I use the "Scatterbrain" notes app to keep track of random info and lists so that I can mark stuff down right away before the thought is gone forever (shopping lists, things to check out like sites or books and a spot for just random thoughts I don't want to forget).

Yes, it can be a distraction but I try to limit the number of games etc. I have on it so that I am not tempted. I have a few I really like and sometimes the distraction is good... it gives me something to amuse myself with when I have to wait/stay seated etc. so that I am not up and about getting into something I probably shouldn't be!