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07-21-11, 06:41 PM
I have not posted much-just joined.

I, along with my daughter in law am trying to find help for my 27 yr old son who has ADHD.
He was never on medication as a child. He started on the medication merry go round a couple of years ago.
His experience with Adderall at 2 different dosages have always left him irritable(more so than usual) and really feeling horrible if he forgets a dose. His wife will be accompanying him to the dr next week to discuss other options, like a time release ritalin . his concentration is better but he has a see saw life when they wear off.
My question is this:
The last time he went off Adderall(his doctor lost her licence and he just never bothered getting another doc.)-- He seemed like a strung out drug addict, depressed, tired, and generally running on 2 cylinders if that. I dont think really recovered- it dropped him like a ton of bricks.
I take Wellbutrin-I do not think I have ADD. My mother takes it and my sister takes it.
My mom has major depressive disorder. My sis and I just low level/pervasive depression.
Mine took the form of NEGATIVITY big time-irritability judgemental thoughts, and upon waking- "oh crap its another day"
He seems to act the same way as an adult. he isnt a happy person anymore like when he was younger. Of course he is an adult with bills etc!
Has anyone tried Wellbutrin for their ADHD with success.
Sorry for the long post. just trying to flesh out the story so you dont have to ask a lot of ???'s

07-21-11, 06:51 PM
I was on Wellbutrin for several years for depression before my ADHD diagnosis. I do think it helped with some of my ADHD symptoms but just slightly. It helped with the anxiety I have when I have unstructured free time and kind of pulled me a little out of the mental fog. I think it helped a little socially as I am shy.

However, like I said it was not enough. I have seen so much more improvement from taking Adderall.

07-21-11, 08:57 PM
I've been Wellbutrin on and off for almost a year. It is the only anti-depressant that works for me with no side effects, and allows me to cut way back on ADD meds.

Yes, I think it'll be worth a try to give some to your son. One a day of the XL version, 150 mg is the starting dose. If anything, I'll give him energy, zest for life, and maybe even improve his concentration.

07-21-11, 10:07 PM
Yes, due to my other disease, I am unable to take any stimulant medications. My doctor tried me on Wellbutrin, and I do feel it has helped quite a bit with the ADHD. I have recently went to Wellbutrin SR, which seems to actually work a bit better. I'd definately say it is worth giving it a try, the downside is that the effects take longer to see with these type of med (several weeks) versus stimulant meds.

07-21-11, 10:29 PM
Im no pharmacist nor have any professional exposure in neuropharmacology, that being said:

In my experience with Adderall and WB.. (i used to take them in combination - works really great with an Addy IR and a WB XR), its a really great combination that synch together really well.

However it would probably be the best idea (considering the evidence of a familial history with depression and adjustment difficulties) to get an evaluation from a psychiatric doctor just to make sure that its just as simple as finding a source of dopamine. part of the crashout could be a serotonin thing too, welbutrin doesnt address that to the best of my knowledge as its not a SSRI.

By and large however, wellbutrin is great for low dopamine and norepinephrine levels, but thats not everyones problem. Too much dopamine is another problem all together, which can contribute to snappy grouchy mood swings, and both wellbutrin and adderall contribute to an increase in dopamine.

But considering your family history, of course its worth following up on with a knowledgeable doctor.

Again, just me being speculative.


07-21-11, 10:33 PM
I love Wellbutrin (generic). I take 300mg of it. I don't know that it directly treats my ADD. It can be used for ADD though. It's made a world of a difference with my depressed thoughts. I'll never go off it.

07-22-11, 02:27 PM
I use WB. 300mg a day as well as other stuff lol.... It was very effective in reducing my general outlook on life and situations...

07-22-11, 11:10 PM
I use 400 mg of wellbutrin a day. I also use 30 mg Adderral per day. Neither one works that great alone but together they are all kinds of awesome...:)

07-22-11, 11:45 PM
25mg adderal xr + 150mg wellbutrin. like it. may go up to 300mg

08-04-11, 11:58 AM

I found WXL to be only ok. In my experience, it increased anxiety (which I with respect have a basic problem with anyway) and created a real sense of 'brain fog' that would leave me awake and not really 'with the day'. Taking stimulants with it helped somewhat, but then there's an issue of heart-rate to be concerned with.

I just started taking Intuniv which I like a lot. I'm finding it to help me focus and socialize like what Strattera in the past gave me, without a lot of the funny side-effects. With respect, I've only been on it for about four days but even today - with it being the only thing today so far I've taken - there's a big difference. Its not like stimulants where there's a big boost the user experiences. Instead, its more like 'alertness' has been switched on. And tasks, to the OP, that I similarly would see as 'oh great I have to do the laundry again' - isn't viewed that way at all. Its just now a part of my day that I've got to get through.

If your son has tried what you've said, Concerta may be a better choice in terms of stimulants. According to Dr Halowell's book, 'Delivered From Distraction', one of the landmark books on the topic your son may find helpful to read, 30% find one or the other to be effective methylphenidate(Ritalin/Concerta) or amphetamine salts(Adderall/Dex/Vyvanse), and 30% find neither. I speak of Concerta because its effects are meant to be more 'diffuse'(as one pdoc described to me) and so may assist with his moods. What is more, the 'drop off' after the dose finishes isn't as severe as with Adderall (even XR), or Vyvanse.

I guess if you're wanting his ADD treated, then Wellbutrin may not be the way to go because as other posts have noted, its not the primary effect. I've been finding Intuniv to help with the 'zest' for life issue, as I also suffer from depression. The only other thing I would say is that I personally have found that the brand of generic of stimulants I tried made a very big difference. So maybe look at that.