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07-24-11, 08:55 PM
Hey. I've recently been trying to get back on the meds since February and have been to see the local doctors 3 times now. And i've just got a stupid letter back from them, saying that i will now have to wait until september at the earliest and my doctor that was dealing with me is now on leave.

I was on ritalin 10 years ago, but came off it as i didn't like the side effects. I'm now studying again, and my old problems are still there, so i went to see the doctor to get help. The doctors i've seen are absolutely useless and don't understand adhd at all.

To cut a long story short(i'm sure you've all had similar experiences with ignorant doctors at some point), i live in the uk and need to find a good doctor/psychiatrist who will prescribe either ritalin, adderall or concerta. i've tried modafinil but i don't like the sides(blurry vision, high blood pressure, insomnia etc).

I am willing to pay for my prescription if i have to go private, i don't care. I just want to move on with my life, and know enough about my condition to understand that i need to go back on the meds for a while. I live in devon, but will travel to anywhere in the uk if need be. So do any of you know a good doctor who actually understands?


07-25-11, 08:16 AM
Hi there..

Unless you live in a town with very little population, you can ask to see another GP at your surgery for a second opinion. You might want to also look up to see what the policy is on being seen in a timely fashion or get in touch with any number of private doctors that are listed on the first page of this forum.

Good luck, let us know how you go!

07-25-11, 09:44 AM
There seems to be a problem with doctors in the UK and ADD/ADHD. I am due to see my doctor soon also to get a referral and from what I have read on this forum I'm going to have to be very firm and insistant.

Maybe it will work for you to go back to your doctor (not a clinician) and to not take no for an answer!

07-26-11, 10:43 AM
The best way to do it is to go to a private specalist, i did this and it cost me 700. I then got all my prescriptions on the NHS through my GP. I have been to 4 different practices since my diagnosis and so far no GP has refused to prescribe me the medication. When i wanted to switch medications, my GP switched me from ritalin to concerta no probelm, but my GP also refered me to the local adult mental health centre, i saw a psychiatrist there who was happy to switch me to something else due to side effects of ritalin and concerta. If you were prescribed Ritalin 10 years ago, i am assuming you are no longer a child now! therefore you will need to be re-assesed for Adult ADHD before being given a prescription.

You have 2 options:

Go to another GP in the practice and ask to be refereed to the local mental health service for an assesment. The psychiatrist there would hopefully be able to give you a diagnosis, as you have already been diagnosed in the past. Then they will write a letter to your GP and recommend medication or not. If the psychiatrist you see there is not comfortable with diagnosing you then at least he will offer a referall to a specialist. If you are refered to a specialist centre in the UK, you could be waiting for 1-2 years, if they accept your case that is! Because of where i live i was told that i could not get diagnosed on the NHS- and that was after being on a waiting list for 8 months! you might be luckier!

Option 2:
Ring up a private specalist today, and you could be diagnosed with appropriate treatment within the fortnight. Then go back to your GP and give them the assesment, they will then prescribe the medication you need.

Good luck, i really think the money i spent on seeing a private specialist was the best money i ever spent!!!:)

07-27-11, 05:25 PM
hey thanks for the replies.

silverblue - i was 22 when diagnosed, 32 now. I only came off the meds as i had moved address and a gp had put my case up for review. by this time i had seen dozens of specialists/psychiatrists etc and was sick of it, so i decided not to chase it up.

from what the gp has said, i can't get referred to the psychiatric service until the specialist place is open, which is what has annoyed me - in the meantime i'm just supposed to pretend like everything is ok.

it really annoys me, i have no trouble getting inhalers for asthma, but meds for adhd is another thing entirely.

i may take the advice on this forum, its also what a friend of mine has been saying - go private and get a diagnosis, then get the prescriptions from the nhs. seems to be what a lot of people here are doing.

07-27-11, 05:54 PM
Does anyone recommend a private health practice? I've no experience in going private i'd like to know how it works, thanks!

08-07-11, 02:01 PM