View Full Version : How to go about being Diagnosed/Tested for ADD?

08-02-11, 03:57 AM
I've suspected I had ADD for a while, and after some extensive research and book reading (well, skimming) I've come to find that I identify with all of the classic symptoms. How would I go about being tested to see if I have it or not.
Also, I'm a teenager, I have tried to speak to my mother about this, but she just said that "I'm just lazy" and "If I tried harder, I would do better."
This isn't very helpful, and I would really appreciating getting a professional to verify whether or not I have it.
So how could I?

09-17-11, 09:15 AM
I am not sure how your healthcare works, but in the U.S. the process would be to call some doctors in your area and ask them about their experience with ADD & ADHD and set up an appointment. You'll need your mom with you since you are still a dependent. Getting your mom to let you at least get it checked could be hard (every parent is different.) I would suggest letting her know how you feel concerned and had done some research. Maybe let her know that you feel like this is very important to you just to get it checked.

I was diagnosed by my mom and then a cook therapist when I was 13 and I resented it greatly. My mom made it feel like I was deficient. Then this year in college I was really struggling to keep up. I would work so hard and could not focus on studying for more than 30 minutes at a time. I would try to break up the studying but two sessions within an hour were the max if I wasn't interested in the subject. A friend told me his story about add and how medication helped him along with treatment. I did research and everything started to make sense. I went to the doctor and got medication and the help I needed. I know study for hours and have the best grades I have ever had. I tell the story because this will make all the difference for you if you really have it and your mom needs to know how important that is to you. Best of luck and let us know if you have more questions or we all can help a little more.

04-20-12, 10:14 PM
In my experience with ADHD, you CAN do it, just slower than a normal person. If you put enough hard work in, you can do the same as everyone else. But there is something wrong - whether you treat it with medication or meditation, it can be fixed - and you CAN be happy and successful