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08-02-11, 10:31 PM
I found this in a book called "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life", and this particular item pertains to ADHD and/or prefrontal cortex issues. The guy who wrote the book suggests you consider this an "Auxiliary pfc", and I agree, it's pretty awesome!: Miracle.pdf&rct=j&q=one%20page%20miracle&ei=YrI4TqCAAtTAtgfRr7GAAw&usg=AFQjCNFoiEcwysnklqYybOJ_vCGAaorIeQ&sig2=IqB01MQ1iMuvszWHm15uqQ&cad=rja

And for reference, here's a copy of mine:

Spouse/Lover- Someone stable, intelligent, funny, mutually independent, with clear boundaries and a firm grip on self-actualization
Children - kids that I will treat fairly and with respect, allowing them to develop with moderated independence and a connection with nature.
Extended family - Reconnecting with family I have become distant from, and maintaining those relationships
Friends - Trustworthy, dependable people with no hidden agendas, who I can confide in and have fun with
Work - (To be the best cook/chef I can be)
I have the certification and the interest, the time invested in becoming certified. I will work diligently while exploring more satisfying lines of work, like creative writing,
Money: (Money is for needs, wants and security)
Short term - Save enough to have a place of my own, ....... (Edited for personal info reasons ;)
Long Term - Attain a career and retirement plan while saving 5% on minimum wage, 10% on higher
Myself: (To be the healthiest person I can be)
Body - Exercise regularly, eat right, and moderate intake of nicotine, caffeine, etc.
Mind - Mindfulness of stimulatory cues, non-damaging introspection, un-forced focus or non-negative reinforcement of important mental awareness mindsets.
Spirit - Participate in a fulfilling spiritual routine or combinations of several to attain inner peace - Taoism, Buddhism