View Full Version : Remembering basic daily tasks?

08-03-11, 03:00 AM
Despite being able to remember important future events for months, I've discovered that I'm hopeless at remembering to do basic daily tasks like cleaning or laundry. In fact, I can decide to do a chore and then go for days without even realizing that I was planning to do anything. And if I can't see something, it generally doesn't exist to me. For instance, as soon as I take my pants off I forget they're on the floor, and if I leave any task too long I forget I was doing it until I see the half-finished results.

I've tried using to-do lists, and they last for a few days because of the initial excitement, after which I forget that I have them, and they become useless. I've tried establishing a routine, but my daily schedule is so variable that I end up defaulting on that pretty quickly.

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions? It's really frustrating to know that my messiness and procrastination could be fixed so much if only I could remember that I have things to be doing.

08-03-11, 03:04 AM
You want a solution? Consider acceptance.

It's not your fault.

08-03-11, 11:49 AM
yep forgive yourself and move on. remember when you can, do what you can.

08-03-11, 11:59 AM
I know what you mean! For chores, the best thing for me is a really simple to-do list on an index card.

also I read in "ADD friendly ways to organize your life" - ok honestly, the book overwhelmed me, but this one thing was super useful: write the list with an "action" ie "do laundry" and "wash dishes" not just "laundry" and "dishes".

I have a massive list at work, this really helped.

I don't have many appointments and when I do they really stick in my mind because I worry about them or think about it often; I haven't figured out what to do for the in-between semi-urgent kind of stuff, I keep writing it down in this little notebook in my purse, then I look at it 2 weeks later...