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08-03-11, 11:26 AM
Exercise #3 – Sensory Observations

Poetry is truly indefinable, but there are a lot of things poetry can do. It can describe a feeling, make a reader see a sight, help you smell a smell, and make something inanimate come to life. Sometimes, a poet has trouble finding ways to describe what she wants to express. This exercise will help you stop and pay attention to the smaller things around you. Go out into the world, and make observations. Wherever you go, make five sensory observations for each sense.


I see…white, square tiles; the backs of strangers; endless rows of books; a lonely microphone; shadows of chairs.

I hear…chattering voices; espresso machines whirring and fizzing; dishes clattering, softly, just clinking together; laughter; the crinkle of newspapers.

I feel…brick wall under my arm; a warm cup in my hand; hot air blowing against my face; the hard seat against my bottom; a wooden curve across my back.

I smell…coffee, mm; my plum chap stick (smells better than it tastes); used books; cinnamon; baking bread.

I taste…a soft coffee flavor; a hint of honey; the thickness of hot air; the ink of a fresh pen; more coffee.

You can do this exercise anywhere at anytime. Try it on the bus, at work, in a classroom, on a park bench. You may be surprised at the observations you make, and the opportunities for poetry that you find.

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08-03-11, 11:30 AM
Timeout!! Timeout!! My brain is overstimulated.:D:cool:

08-03-11, 11:33 AM

Timeout!! Timeout!! My brain is overstimulated.:D:cool:

08-06-11, 11:43 PM
I see: Nervous yard dogs; twig legg-ed sandhill cranes; antagonistic squirrels; floppy senior citizens; Pink Floyd pizza sauce swirl; Box 'o books

I hear: skittering lapdog claws; bike chain misfire; Cinder Cone; crackling journal spine; pompous frog; rotisserie squeak

I smell: Spinach Alfredo; cougar perfume; sulfur water; sweaty shirt; mountain bike tires; cheap aftershave; her hair...

I taste: Oops pizza; mundane beans and rice; graham cracker oasis; peanut butter on white cloud; butter drenched English muffin; sushi from days long gone

08-07-11, 06:39 AM
I see my computer and beyond that a chocolate coloured lamp on a bookcase full of DVDs. I really should get around to sorting them out to make some space for the new ones.

I hear some traffic outside and the breeze coming from an open window is causing the wind chimes to move. I like the sound they make. I'm on my own so it's pretty quiet around here at this time in the morning.

I feel comfortable sitting here in the quiet morning light. Nothing urgent needing to be taken care of today. I can just sit here feeling relaxed.

I smell morning coffee and the beautiful scent coming from a small vase of flowers that sit on my computer desk. Gonna give myself time to wake up and then it'll be the smell of breakfast that will mark the start of another day for me.

I taste coffee and I have some orange juice on the side. just taking time to gather myself before checking my to-do list for the day.

Is this anything close to what you mean? :)

08-07-11, 02:14 PM
Is this anything close to what you mean? :)
Yes it is :) thanks for posting!

08-07-11, 04:28 PM
I see my computer, of course. How could I write this if I did not. In the background the TV is on with the sound real low. I am barely interested in the subjects but it is a welcome moving wallpaper which interestingly enough helps me focus

I hear the sound of the tv in the background. Also, as so often there is an almost subliminal high pitched sound from some electrical appliance which these days seems almost omnipresent.

I feel the familiar texture of my couch at home. I also feel the moist warmth of the summer, which as usual is way too stifling in these parts.

I smell Nothing much really, a kind of neutral homey scent.

I taste Why, a nice Westmalle Tripel of course!

08-07-11, 05:31 PM
I see : yes, the computer, in back to the right a window to the backyard, and the green grass and ferns growing in the shady corner, the window .

I hear the fan running , my daughter playing a game on her gaming system, the dull roar of an occasional car driving by or a plane over head. the creak of the wooden floorboards from someone walking around upstairs. the faint buzz of bugs of some sort, chirping maybe grasshoppers

I feel the harness of the chair I am sitting in that not as comfortable as it could be, the breeze create dby the fan behind me, my glasses on my face, the mouse and keyboard as I type and click

I smell the smell of of air now that the cat box is clean :)

I taste the remnants of peanut M&M's I just ate