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08-03-11, 11:28 AM
Exercise #4 – Describing a Scene or Picture

Either choose an physical place to observe, or find an interesting picture,
and fully describe everything you experience. Don’t forget to include all
of the senses, but also describe any action taking places. Get nitty gritty
about the details—don’t leave anything out.

Afterwards, go through what you have written to see what stands out.
Some detail, description, or word might be the beginning of a poem. You
can also try to write a quick poem based on solely on the scene you choose.

as gleaned from: (

08-06-11, 11:58 PM
"The first thunderclap of lightning pierced the black sky, showing the city in it's bluish white light for the briefest of seconds. The dying reverberations of the initial strike carried far off into the distance, a rumbling growl from Mother Nature descending through the abomination of the concrete jungle."

^Doesn't really describe some exact detail, but enough that you get the idea of what's being observed by the mood.

"A misted blanket of rain descended on the city at night. The street lights' rays were distorted in the fashion of rounded, imperfect orbs. The uninterrupted whisper of the rain was broken by the occasional passing car, even at 2:30 am, spraying a miniature wave along the sidewalk like an angrily passing shark.

The buildings were old - not as old as the city, but old nonetheless. The shadows not hidden by the lights seemed very much in place, the occasional protruding brick or beam accentuating the path of darkness..."

A bit more detail here, but again I like describing things more on mood than actual details, authors that get hung up on saying things like "the chair was in the left furthest corner of the room, in front of the rug that was turned at a 45 degree angle from the North West part of the house.", that kind of stuff is for the architecture books!! :D

08-07-11, 06:12 AM
The scene is set. A steaming hot cup of coffee on the side. Don’t you just love the smell of coffee in the morning? Reaching over, I turn on my computer screen and set about checking what torrents have finished downloading. Something to watch later for relaxation. Taking a sip of coffee, I set about checking my favourite forums. It’s a bit breezy. The window is open and the curtain is waving around and the sound of wind chimes is in the air. Apart from that it’s quiet……..

Never done this before just checking to see if this is what you mean. If not, help me get on the right track and I‘ll try again. :)

08-09-11, 08:12 AM
flying like a bird over loft mountains dotted with gangly pine trees, the cool morning air lifting her to the peaks as she glides effortlessly along, towards her destination. The dull grey sky, reveals silvers of light as morning's first rays of sun, herald the dawn of a new day. The valley below begins to awaken. Deer rise from their slumber, stretching stiff long legs, and then heading towards the lakes edge for a deep drink from cold mountain streams. Ducks swim along in pond foraging for food, paddling along then turning bottoms up when a tasty morsel was found. Reaching her destination, she floats gently down and lands in her nest.soft chirping greets here along wit many open beaks as she quickly feeds her hungry chicks, then gathering them together under her breast, she preens her feathers and guards her young.