View Full Version : Suffering Suffering - iDTour (downtempo, electronic, experimental, idm)

08-07-11, 04:15 PM
came home about 7pm last night. sat down and wrote a track, didnt stop till i was done
posted it to my soundcloud at 7am this morning.
could be updates / lyrics.
hope the quality is ok.
my speakers arnt exactly top dollar.

i hope the link is ok and isnt breaking guidelines..
i couldnt get the embed code to work.

i figured since everybody else can write poetry and whatnot..
i dont know how else to get this out of me.

i recognize how i cant keep harboring my feelings so deep inside so that nobody can see them.
that i lose my connection with them.. where i cant even talk about them.
even in posting this track here,
to be seen, to know that somebody is going to hear it
somehow this is a massively powerful emotional experience that i wasnt anticipating

iDTour - Suffering Suffering (5:36)
(downtempo, electronic, experimental, idm)


08-07-11, 04:25 PM
Impromptu_DTour thank you for sharing that with us. I feel like I have been there somehow.:o

08-07-11, 07:15 PM
I'm sorry that it's a source of emotional turmoil but for me, it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

08-08-11, 12:06 AM

I'm glad that thru music you find a way to connect to a self abandoned. I have always felt that art is an expose of the artist who gives people a view into who they are. Thank you for sharing.

08-08-11, 02:19 AM
The song's haunting beauty doesn't detract from the painful emotion behind it. Well done. Thanks for posting.