View Full Version : Seattle ADD doc who takes Medicare?

08-08-11, 02:25 AM
Why is it so hard to find a good doctor who takes Medicare?


08-08-11, 03:04 AM
That's a frontier I am going to cross shortly. Medicaid stopped at the beginning of May and I will become eligible for Medicare in September. Right now I have a psych I periodically see at Community Psychiatric. Word is that they are "graduating" Medicare recipients there.

Historically there was a list of ADD psychs etc kept by ADD Resources in Tacoma. Can't vouch for it but it's a place to start: (

Tell us (and me :) ) how it goes.

08-08-11, 08:07 PM
Oooh, I am SO frustrated! I went to Medicare's website, and just about every doctor I called in my area has since opted OUT of Medicare. They all told me that Medicare is really slow to update their web info, and NO ONE could tell me of any names of any doctors who take Medicare anymore.

What's the point of having insurance, if nobody takes it?


08-08-11, 09:57 PM
The odds of finding a stand alone doctor are low. You probably want to use a hospital system like say Swedish -- which has a current listing of which physicians accept Medicare.