View Full Version : Wondering about hyperfocus

08-08-11, 03:34 AM
Hey everyone I'm new here and i was wondering if anyone had heard of the theory of hyperfocus? my friend and i are arguing about whether its a real deal or not but he doesnt believe me, i actually believe that hyperfocus does exist because ive experienced it, if any of you guys agree with me it would be great to know so i can back up my explanation to my buddy.

08-08-11, 09:49 AM
There has been a *lot* of discussion here on the subject of hyperfocus. You might put the term in the search function (the blue bar towards the top) and get ready to read.

Much of the discussion has been on whether or not it is real or (as Barkley feels) a form of perseveration, in this case the inability to stop focusing on something when that is needed.

Lots of opinions, lots of discussion.