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08-08-11, 09:57 PM
NOTICE: I was reading the thing too fast and didn't notice the school subforum, can a mod move this there please?Hi everybody. I don't see one, so how about a School thread. Can be venting, happiness, confusion, emotion, personal history, or whatever as long as it's about school. :) Here's what I got right here now(lol, redundant statement)
My story: Born in Wyoming in 1995 to a colorful religious couple, mother was 40 at the time, kinda old for more kids, but it happened. Moved to Arky when I was 4/5. Did public school k-3. 4th grade I switched to a private Christian School, loved it. I grew increasingly disappointed as the years passed, noticed I had more and more trouble paying attention. I was horrible there socially, I was a carbon copy of my father and spent more time playing videogames than doing anything else. I was the "fat tall kid who acted weird". I started reading Ayn Rand a bunch too, I was always a college level reader I guess lol, but after discovering Ayn Rand I was an even worse jerk for a year and a half afterwards. I did self-homeschool 8th-9th grade. I was lazy and a horrible person in general. About a year ago I went through drastic changes that are still helping shape me. I went from homophobic racist right-wing to people loving pseudo punk/hippie. This year I am getting back to public school. Accepted to a fine arts Highschool. :) Sorry for the wall of text. Medication still affecting me. I hope I can sleep.