View Full Version : Open-minded Practitioner in Perth

08-08-11, 10:08 PM

I have a scan showing that I have ADD physically, co-morbid with anxiety and depression (which I think are stemming from my inability to use higher functions of my brain, psychologically).

I have been on Ritalin before, with very good results - but my doctor refuses to believe that it will be of any use unless I am studying? And will cause a manic episode.

I am starting to lose faith in the health system in Australia entirely - especially when every psychologist misunderstands me and hurts my feelings all the time, when I trust them to listen and not call me psychotic - they always think I am some kind of freak after looking at my 8 year misdiagnosis documents.

What I would like is a reassessment of me, in my current state. And for a doctor not be overly controlling or closed-minded, or base their conclusions on someone else's opinion, other than my own. I think I would know myself by now.

Does anyone know of a practitioner who will base their conclusions about me, based on how I am now, and not in the past? If not, then I would like to know so I can take measures on my own and forget about ever getting help from anyone.

Thank you.